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The MoldMender micro welder is for the repair of injection molds, rubber molds,die cast dies and extrusion dies made of steel.Typical applications include parting lines, corners and edges, design changes and installing shims.

NEW Rocklinizer Model 800
NEW Rocklinizer Model 800

The Rocklinizer carbide metal impregnator is used for adding carbide and other electrode material to steel surfaces for longer wear and gripping applications. The tungsten carbide electrode is used for wear protection for the following appliations; wash out areas and parting lines on die cast dies, slug pull, punch and die wear. The rockhard electrode is used for gripping applications in the tube and pipe bending industries and for heavy build up for resizing.

Product Categories of Rocklin Manufacturing Company

  • Coating Equipment
  • Identification Systems
  • Marking Tools
  • Surface Treatment and Coating Equipment
  • Tool Conditioning Equipment
  • Tool Repair, Coating, & Treatment Services
  • Welding Machines & Equipment

Trade Names

  • MoldMender
  • Moldmender Micro Welder
  • Rocklinizer

As seen in MMS

Portable Dot Peen Marking System Marks Round Parts
Rocklin Manufacturing’s FlyMarker mini, available from Equipment Sales Co., is the fourth generation of the battery-operated dot peen marking system.

Marking System Capable of Creating Gripping Surfaces
Rocklin Manufacturing will display its Rocklinizer Model 850 marking system, which uses a rotary applicator for faster application.

Carbide Application Machine Reduces Costs
Rocklin Manufacturing’s Rocklinizer Model 850 features a rotary applicator for faster application of carbide.

Mold and Die Repair Equipment
Rocklin’s MoldMender micro welder repairs plastic injection molds, rubber processing molds, die casting molds and dies made of steel.

Welder For Mold And Die Repair
The Rocklin MoldMender micro welder uses a non-arcing, spot-welding process for mold and die repair. This process transfers minimal heat to the mold or die itself, the company says, adding that it generates universal hardness across the weld, no shrinking next to the weld and no splatter on adjacent areas. Repairs are made by bonding a piece of ferrous ribbon material as thick as 0.

Metal Impregnator Compatible With Three Types Of Electrodes