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Before any Journey begins, all of the airports, buses, cars, trains, platforms, and infrastructures must be manufactured. provides the machines and blades that help to create the products we use everyday. We are proud to be a part of the Family of American Manufacturers.

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  • Haltbar Band Saw Blades

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The Haltbar 601 Series Premier M42 Band Saw Blades

The Haltbar 501 IC bi-metal band saw blade

Haltbar 701 Ground Tooth Band Saw Blades are specifically made for cutting large solid sections of nickel and exotic based alloys

The Haltbar 1002 Triple Chip Carbide-tipped bandsaw blade is the answer for the most demanding production cutting

Haltbar 201, Hard Back Carbon Band Saw Blade, Hard Back saw Band Saw blades allow for greater tension.