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Shigiya Grinding Machines

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With swings of 12” and 16” and center distances of 16”,24” and 40”, these machines are sized to handle most OD and Face grinding requirements. Equally important is the fact that these angle head grinders carry the same easy to use conversational software that has revolutionized the cylindrical grinder market.

Product Categories of Shigiya (USA) Ltd.

  • Grinding Machines, Centerless
  • Grinding Machines, Cylindrical OD
  • Grinding Machines, Profile
  • Grinding Machines, Thread
  • Grinding Machines, Universal (ID/OD)
  • Superabrasive Machining Systems

Trade Names

  • GAC series
  • GCMH series
  • GCO-16
  • GNW series
  • GP series
  • GPC series
  • GPES series
  • GPL series
  • GSF series
  • GSR-48
  • GSU series
  • GU series
  • SMG-10

As seen in MMS

Cylindrical Grinder Uses Double Center Drive System
Shigiya’s GPD double-drive CNC cylindrical grinders are designed to simplify setup, improve processing accuracy and improve maintenance using a double center drive system.

Vertical CNC Grinder Designed for Small Workpieces
Shigiya’s GPV-10 vertical CNC grinder is designed to grind small workpieces with precision.

Accurate CNC Eccentric Pin, Polygon Grinders
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Compact Vertical Grinder, Big Impact on Precision
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Double-Drive CNC Cylindrical Grinder
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Accurate and Affordable CNC Cylindrical Grinder
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Vertical Grinder Handles Polygonal Workpieces
Shigiya has upgraded its GPV-10-20 vertical CNC grinder to include the same polygon grinding capability used in the company’s larger GPES series with an updated direct-drive motor.

Shigiya Establishes U.S. Headquarters
The company has opened its U.S. corporate headquarters in Illinois.

Grinders Engineered For Convenience, Flexibility

Cylindrical Grinder Offers Simplified Path To CNC
Making the step up from manual or hydraulic grinders to CNC can be a scary proposition. How do you operate it? How do you program it? How do you make it productive?