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Shoptech Software.........The Authority on Shop Floor Control

Shoptech Software is the largestly privately held provider of shop management software in North America. Since 1984 the E2 Shop System has helped over 4000 shops take back control of their shop floor. The E2 Shop System handles all of your quoting, job costing, scheduling the shop floor, performance analysis, shipping on time, bar code data collection, quality control, material management and complete financials. The secret to Shoptech's success is the fact that E2 was developed in a shop, by shop people and for shop people. Check out E2 today and see why over 20,000 people log on to the E2 Shop System every morning to run their shops more efficiently and thus more profitably.

Company Profile

Shoptech Software is the nations largest, privately held provider of shop management software. Shoptech has offices in Ohio, Illinios, California, Texas and Connecticut. The E2 Shop System is used in over 2000 shops throughout North America. The E2 Shop System is a fully integrated package that has a proven track record for reliability, flexibility and ease of use. Our system includes Estimating, Quoting, Order Entry, Scheduling, Tracking, Inventory Control, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Costing and more. Data Collection and Payroll modules are also available.

Product Categories of Shoptech Software

  • ERP for Make-to-Order Manufacturing
  • Job Estimating Software
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Quality Documentation Software
  • Software, Accounting/General Ledger/Payroll
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
  • Statistical Data Collection & Analysis Software
  • Tool Crib Control Software

Trade Names

  • E2 Shop System
  • Hot Spots
  • Pocket View
  • Quick View
  • Triggers
  • Web View

As seen in MMS

Software for Job Shops Handles Orders, Scheduling, Data Collection
The E2 Shop System manufacturing software from Shoptech is designed to help job shops and make-to-order or contract manufacturers manage the shop floor for improved efficiency, flexibility and profitability.

Software Speeds ISO Certification, Improves Shop Communication
Shoptech’s E2 job shop system helped Rehtek gain ISO certification while improving quality and communication throughout the facility.

Software Simplifies ISO Certification
Learn how one manufacturer leveraged its shop management software platform to streamline its ISO certification process.

The Challenges of Machining Glass-Filled Plastics
Plastics reinforced with glass present more machining variables to manage than conventional metals. This shop has developed a process to overcome those challenges and has become more adroit at short-run work along the way.

Shopfloor Management Software Increases Shop Efficiency
The E2 Shop System manufacturing software is designed to help job shops, and make-to-order or contract manufacturers manage the shop floor for improved efficiency, greater flexibility and increased profitability.

Beyond the Essentials
This shop discovered that it needed more than equipment and expertise to address the challenges of dealing with a diverse, complex workload.

Shop Management Software Helps Thrive on Manufacturing Diversity
This manufacturer depends heavily on its shop management software to manage the requirements of machining a widely varying range of parts for a widely varying customer base.

Online Learning Management System for All Employees
Shoptech Software’s E2 Learning Management System (LMS) is a comprehensive online learning system for the job shop/make-to-order manufacturing industry.

App Gives iPad, Tablet Users Anytime Access to Job Shop
Mobile Dashboard from Shoptech Software is an ERP mobile app designed specifically for iPads, tablets and smart phones that enables users to monitor job shops from anywhere at anytime.

Going Lean in Order to Grow
This shop has a plan for dramatically expanding its contract machining business in high-value markets.

iPads Keep Supervisors on the Shop Floor
Having fully interactive access to shopfloor control software enables supervisors at metal finishing and repair job shop to monitor shop activities and make better decisions on the spot.

Shop Control Software
Shoptech Software offers E2 Shop System 7.2 manufacturing software for job shops and make-to-order manufacturers.

Shop Control Software Helps Job Shop Make The Right Moves
By replacing its haphazard, error-prone shop control system with the E2 Shop System ERP solution from ShopTech Industrial Software, this contract manufacturer reduced waste and improved efficiency in virtually every department.

ERP Software Enhances Reporting Capabilities
The E2 Shop System 7. 1 simplifies key business tasks by enhancing reporting capabilities. The E2 Report Wizard offers drill-down data navigation and on-the-fly sorting.

Shoptech Partners With Vincennes University
Shoptech Software has partnered with Vincennes University through its Computer Integrated Manufacturing Program. The software developer has donated its E2 Shop System to help students learn the skill sets needed to succeed in a computer integrated manufacturing environment. “E2 will be the exclusive shop management system in our curriculum,” says Doublas Brown, dean of MTDAM at Vincennes University.

Software Aids Purchasing Decisions

ERP System Conversion Easier Than Expected
This supervisor characterizes her shop floor as fast-paced, as it typically processes 30,000 to 40,000 parts per month. Part runs range from one piece to 100,000 pieces. Because the company does not know exactly when jobs are coming in, it must constantly reschedule to meet short leadtimes.

Manage Materials; Access Critical Business Information

The Difference The Software Makes
Looking back, this shop can see clearly what the clues were that it was time for the software to change.

The Measure Of Success
For this small job shop, measuring and controlling everything are the keys to lean—very lean—manufacturing. Yet its management style is surprisingly open and trusting.