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Minneapolis, MN 55438 US

Product Categories of Sick, Inc.

  • Communications Networks, & Data Transmission Equipment
  • Encoders/Resolvers
  • Flaw Detection Equipment
  • Identification Systems
  • Laser Measurement Systems
  • Press Automation Devices
  • Press Safety Equipment
  • Safety Related Products
  • Vision Systems

Trade Names

  • ALIS
  • VMS

As seen in MMS

Profile Sensor Analyzes Complex Objects with Single Laser
Sick USA offers its Profiler 2 short-range sensor for measuring profiles and surfaces of complex objects with one laser line.

Vision Sensor Inspects For Defects At Any Part Position Or Rotation
The Inspector vision sensor from Sick is designed to be an intelligent vision solution in an easy-to-use sensor package with the ability to verify completeness and quality, even if products vary in size. The sensor provides pass/fail output to ensure that only the correct product makes it through. Additionally, the