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Hexalobular Torx Type Rotary Broach
Hexalobular Torx Type Rotary Broach

Hexalobular Torx Type Rotary Broaches

Slater Tools Inc. offers the largest variety of internal and external torx type rotary broach tools, also known as hexalobular or six-lobe broach tools. Slater's torx type broach tools conform to AIA standards for maximum tool life.

Slater Tools Rotary Broaching Tool Holders with more inch and metric Shank Sizes
Slater Tools Rotary Broaching Tool Holders with more inch and metric Shank Sizes

New Adjustment Free Rotary Broach Holders

Rotary broaches form square, hex, double-hex, spline, serration and other shapes on all popular machining materials. Rotary broaching, also known as wobble broaching, is a popular money and time saving operation with automatic machines because it eliminates the need for secondary operations. Swiss-type adjustment free and adjustable Rotary Broach Tool Holders are for use on any type of CNC or manual turning, milling, drilling or screw machine.

Spring Loaded Retractable Live Center
Spring Loaded Retractable Live Center

Spring Loaded Interchangeable Tip Live Centers

Precision bearing placement for greater rigidity required by CNC and screw machines. Independent inner housing provides rigidity while allowing center shaft to retract with workpiece. Spring loaded design compensates for center variations, without damage to work piece or center tip. This assures operator of uniform constant tension. Interchangeable shaft allows versatility of points, reducing inventory, costs, and down time. Point configuration designed to meet required tool clearance.

Company Profile

Since 1951, our Primary Focus at Slater Tools is to design, manufacture and deliver the finest, most competitive tools for the turning industry. Our complete line of products is designed to reduce cycle time or add value to your precision machining operation. The retractable live center compensates for center variations assuring uniform constant tension. Screw machine attachments that provide a synchronized 1:1 ratio with spindle and work piece rotation cut production costs. Shaving dovetail toolholders complete work with less revolutions than end working operations. Rotary broaching is an exclusive, fast, amazing and accurate method of producing internal and external polygon forms on the end of a work piece while the machine spindle is rotating. Our technical staff at Slater Tools is eager to review your tooling requirements and assist you in choosing the right tool for your application.

Product Categories of Slater Tools

  • Boring Tools for Turning Machines
  • Broaching Attachments
  • Broaching Tools
  • Cam Blanks
  • Centers, Live & Other
  • CNC Attachments
  • Cut-off Attachments
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Trade Names

  • 6 Lobe Broach
  • Adjustment Free Broach Holder
  • Broach Blanks
  • Broaches - Double Hex
  • Broaches - External
  • Broaches - Hex
  • Broaches - Hexalobular
  • Broaches - Internal
  • Broaches - Micro
  • Broaches - Serration
  • Broaches - Spline
  • Cut-Off Blade Holder
  • Dovetail Shave Tool Holder
  • Form Tool
  • Forming Dovetail Toolholder
  • Knurling Toolholder
  • Live Center
  • Milling Rotating Attachment
  • Polygon Attachment
  • Polygon Box
  • Retractable Center Live
  • Retractable Live Center
  • Rotary Broach
  • Rotary Broaching
  • Rotary Broaching Toolholder
  • Screw Machine Tools
  • Shave Tool Holder Block
  • Shaving Toolholder
  • Slater Tool
  • Slater Tools Inc.
  • Spring Loaded Live Center
  • Swiss Type Rotary Broaching Tool Holder
  • Wobble Broach
  • Wobble Broaching

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Retractable Live Center - Retractable spring loaded center shaft combined with an independent inner housing empowers you with the ultimate design in live centers available to the turning industry.

8 Steps to Successful Broaching - 8 Steps to Successful Broaching with Slater Internal Hex Broaches

How Does Rotary Broaching Work? - Slater Tools has the tools you need to successfully accomplish polygon shapes and more while Eliminating Secondary Operations.

Technical Assistance - At Slater Tools, we pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing and delivering the finest, most competitive tools for the turning industry. Likewise, we also pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most accurate, relevant information on the tools of our trade.

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Rotary Broach Tools Cut Rosan-Type Ports
Slater Tools offers a line of rotary broach tools for producing forms popular in the aerospace and fastener industries.

Adjustment-Free Rotary Broaching Toolholder
Slater Tools’ 3700 series adjustment-free rotary broaching toolholder features an increased bearing capacity capable of producing larger forms than its previous two series, which were designed for Swiss-type machines.

Adjustment-Free Toolholder Designed For Swiss-Type Rotary Broaching
Slater Tools expands its product line of Swiss-type, adjustment-free rotary broaching toolholders with the 0700 series, which has a 0.5" tool bore. It uses standard 0.5" inch shank and 1.75" overall length rotary broaches for polygon forms, and most are available from stock. The series suited for use on Swiss-type

Six-Lobe Broach Accommodates Fasteners

Broaching Toolholder Requires No Centering

Broaches Help Produce High-Precision Screws

External Rotary Broaches