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One Name… One Guarantee.

Autoblok Corporation was established in 1981 as a subsidiary of Autoblok of Italy, the largest power chuck manufacturer in Europe. Since 1942, Autoblok has been at the forefront of engineering and manufacturing state-of-the-art workholding and clamping solutions. The global corporate organization is dedicated to QUALITY, PRICE, TECHNICAL SUPPORT and CUSTOMER SERVICE. The complete line of power chucks is manufactured to the most demanding standards in the world, yet priced competitively to those products of lesser performance. Autoblok has achieved sustained global growth by providing a superior level of customer service and technical support for our application driven product line. In 1993, Autoblok acquired SMW of Germany. The combination of these two premier manufacturing entities resulted in the most extensive product line of high quality workholding devices in the world. Now available exclusively through its subsidiaries, reps and distributors, SMW AUTOBLOK customers are ensured a consistent, single source of superior product performance, support and service. The acquisition of SMW of Germany dramatically increased the diversity of the Autoblok product line. Major additions were made to the line of standard power chucks in sizes 3" to 63", 2, 3 and 4 jaws such as:

Product Categories of SMW Autoblok

  • Actuators, Hydraulic & Pneumatic
  • Arbors, Expandable Workholding
  • Automated Pallet Systems
  • Chuck Jaws & Collets
  • Chucks, Collet Type (for Workholding)
  • Chucks, Diaphragm
  • Chucks, Gear
  • Chucks, Index
  • Chucks, Jaw Type
  • Chucks, Power
  • Chucks, Precision
  • Chucks, Self-Contained
  • Chucks, Special
  • Clamps & Fixturing Devices
  • CNC Attachments
  • Collets for Workholding
  • Drilling Heads/Attachments
  • Fixturing Systems
  • Mandrels
  • Milling Heads/Attachments
  • Pallet Changers - Automatic
  • Pallet Changers - Manual
  • Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
  • Speed Reducers and Gear Boxes
  • Steady Rests
  • Workholding, Custom

Trade Names

  • ACS
  • ANC
  • AND
  • ANM
  • AP
  • AXN
  • BB-AZ
  • BB-FZA
  • BHD
  • BHM
  • D
  • DFR
  • EM
  • FRC
  • FRS
  • GSA
  • HB-D
  • HFKN
  • HYND
  • IEP-D
  • IND
  • IRC
  • K
  • KLU
  • KNCS
  • KSZ
  • NT
  • PB-D
  • PBI-D
  • RC
  • SIN-S
  • SLU
  • SLU-X
  • SP
  • SR
  • STP
  • TEF
  • TPTC
  • TS
  • TX
  • VNK
  • VSG
  • W

As seen in MMS

Air Chuck Offers Pressure, Stroke Monitoring for Safety
SMW Autoblok introduces the Big Bore BB-EXL-SC2G front-end, spring-clamp power chuck featuring an extra-long jaw stroke of 1.5" as well as increased safety monitoring.

Expanded Chuck Series Provides Self-Centering Jaws for Large Parts
SMW Autoblok has expanded its IR-C power chuck line with specifications that were previously offered by request only.

Steady Rests for Grinding Shaft-Type Parts
SMW Autoblok introduces the SRG grinding steady rest line, which is designed to support shaft-type workpieces on grinding machines.

Six-Jaw Equalizing Chuck Clamps Easily-Deformed Workpieces
SMW Autoblok features its SJL six-jaw (2+2+2) equalizing chuck, a high-precision power chuck intended for clamping easily deformed components while providing flexibility to hold workpieces as a true six-jaw self-centering chuck.

Steady Rest Supports Shafts for Grinding
SMW Autoblok’s SRG steady rest is designed to support shaft-type workpieces on grinding machines.

Mazak Welcomes SMW Autoblock to Technology Program
The two companies will collaborate on R&D and integration.

A Brief Look at Bi-Mu 2012
Here is a brief look at some of the technology that was on display at Bi-Mu, the biennial machine tool show in Milan, Italy. The slideshow also includes industry news and information about the Italian machine tool market.

Chucks Operate in 2+2+2 Equalizing Mode
SMW Autoblok will introduce the SJL high precision 2+2+2 equalizing chucks to the North American market at IMTS 2012.

Six-Jaw Equalizing Chuck
SMW Autoblok offers TE six-jaw chucks with 2 + 2 + 2 equalizing mechanisms.

Workholding Manufacturer Names New President
Workholding manufacturer SMW Autoblok Corporation (Wheeling, Illinois) has appointed Gary Downs as president.

Six-Jaw Chuck Clamps Without Distorting Parts
The TE six-jaw chucks are active pull-down chucks designed to securely clamp parts without deformation.

Sealed Sliding Jaw Chucks
 SMW Autoblok says its sealed chucks allow for six-month lubrication intervals, eliminating lost production time and cost associated with daily lubrication.

Pull Down Chuck
SMW Autoblok says its TX Pull-Down chuck features repeatability of up to 0. 0004″ (0. 01 mm) and is capable of operating under aggressive cutting conditions.

Chucks For Quick Jaw Changes

Sealed Chucks Reduce Maintenance

Expanding Mandrels For Turning

Sqaure-Base Stationary Chuck