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Product Categories of SPI Lasers UK Ltd.

  • Laser Cutting Systems

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Fiber Lasers for Welding, Cutting Applications
SPI Lasers offers the redPower 500-W M2<1.1 and M2~7.5 lasers capable of both cutting and welding applications.

Pulsed Fiber Lasers for Marking, Micromachining Applications
SPI Lasers offers its Extended Performance (EP) series of 20-W pulsed fiber lasers.

Fiber Laser For Multi-Kilowatt Systems
SPI Lasers introduces a range of high-power OEM fiber lasers that can be used independently or incorporated into high-power laser systems for cutting and welding applications in the industrial macro market. Integrating multiple units, typically in the range 300 to 500 W, offers a flexible, power-scalable product architecture suited for a range of applications such as high speed metalcutting, remote welding and materials processing in the industrial and automotive sectors. The OEM fiber lasers are available with a 400-W output using single-emitter integrated pump diodes.