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Machining Success For Over 65 Years


SR-20RIV - Complex Machining

SR-20RIV, Star's newest model Machine reinforces its 65-year leadership in the field of complex machining. Star’s new SR-20RIV machine with additional tool positions and full “B” axis on cross working (3 spindle attachment) offers additional capability for machining of very complicated components in one operation.


SW-20 Productivity in Complex Working
SW-20 Productivity in Complex Working

SW-20 - The Future of Medical Technology is here...

The SW-20 another new model of Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. is designed to transform complex work into productivity. Its opposing gang-type tool post and 8-station back working with Y-axis is exclusively designed for machining of complex parts using 3 tools in cut for optimum productivity.


ST-38 A significant benefit realized by the medical, aviation and automotive industries.
ST-38 A significant benefit realized by the medical, aviation and automotive industries.


The ST-38’s innovative triple-turret design was specifically created to capitalize on simultaneous capabilities in an effort to reduce overall machining time as well as  most current  technology that facilitates a larger capacity for machining components (up to 38mm).




Company Profile

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. is among the leading providers of superior technology and unparalleled service to the machine tool industry. Founded in 1948, Star CNC is a division of Star Micronics Co., Ltd. of Japan and is their exclusive distributor in the United States. Star Micronics is one of the world's most respected manufacturers of machines for the production of small, complex and precise metal components used in a broad spectrum of industries. Star CNC is well known for its reputation of quality and the delivery of state-of-the-art computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology. Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. is well poised to meet the demanding and dynamic needs of the machine tool industry today and for the future.

Product Categories of Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.

  • CNC Single-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • CNC Single-Spindle Screw Machines - Used Equipment
  • CNC Swiss Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • CNC Swiss Screw Machines - Used Equipment
  • Drilling & Tapping Machines, CNC
  • Milling Machines, Universal

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Product Announcements Provided By Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. Bringing Its Best and Newest to the 2012 IMTS Show

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. Introduces the SF-25, a New Turning Center for Small Precision Parts

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10-Axis Swiss-Type Lathe Performs Complex Machining Efficiently
Star CNC, a division of Star Micronics Co. Ltd., will introduce the SR-38 Type B, a 10-axis Swiss-type automatic lathe for complex machining operations.

New to Swiss-Type Turning
What are some nuances to training a person to effectively operate a Swiss-type lathe? This shop offers some suggestions.

Swiss-Type Lathe Accommodates 38-mm-Diameter Workpieces
Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.’s SV-38 Swiss-type lathe series accommodates workpiece diameters ranging to 38 mm (1.5").

Swiss-Type Lathe Enables Efficient Programming
The SW-20 Swiss-type automatic lathe from Star CNC Machine Tool offers mechanical and control system capabilities designed for fast machining of complex components.

Three-Turret Machine Reduces Overall Machining Time
Star CNC’s ST-38 features three-turret technology with simultaneous machining of as many as three tools in cut with 1.5" capacity.

Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe Accommodates 41 Tools
Star CNC Machine Tool’s SR-20RIV Swiss-type automatic lathe features a full B axis and a three-spindle attachment for machining complicated components in one operation.

Turning Center Machines Precision Medical Parts
Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.’s SF‐25 turn-mill lathe features a 24-station tool changer and a 10-station turret with as many as three tools in each station.

Large-Capacity Multi-Turret for Complex Jobs
The ST-38 represents the latest in the company’s multi-turret technology and features capacity to machine components ranging in size to 38 mm.

CNC Swiss-Type with Triple Turret
Featuring a triple-turret design, the ST-38 CNC Swiss-type automatic lathe is suited for machining medical, automotive and aviation industry components.

12-Axis Swiss-Type Machine
The 12-axis Swiss-type machine features an independent three-turret design to allow three tools to be used at any time, working simultaneously in the cut. Fully independent front/back machining capability enables a variety of tools to make complicated parts in a single operation. Providing fast rapids and a quick tool change with great accuracies, the ECAS-20T is suitable for traditionally difficult and complex parts, the company says.

Economies Of Scale
Medical implant work is not just small in terms of workpiece sizes. Lot sizes and lead times can also be small when the product is still under development. To compete for implant work, this shop aims to offer cost savings in the face of all of this smallness.

Swiss-Type Lathe Features 12 Axes, 3 Turrets

Twin-Turret, Swiss-Type Automatic Lathe

Under One Roof
In bringing multiple manufacturing processes in-house, this medical shop parallels its customers' efforts to be one-stop sources for hospital equipment.

Machining More Than Meets The Eye
Manufacturing parts that may be smaller than the chips generated during machining requires more than just the right cutting tool and machine. It requires a micro-mindset that focuses on all aspects of tiny parts processing--handling, inspection, finishing and assembly.

Making It In Medical
Examining this shop's healthy medical machining business shows that both medical components and medical customers require special care.

Bringing Short Run Turning To Bar Machines
Fast job changes on a bar-fed CNC lathe is just wishful thinking if it takes forever to change over the bar feeder. Swiss-Tech Inc., a Delavan, Wisconsin screw machine shop that specializes in Swiss-type parts, was mindful of that fact when it purchased its Star CNC bar machine.