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As seen in MMS

5ME Authorizes Star SU, Fullerton Tool to Make, Distribute Cryogenic Tooling
Fullerton and Star SU can now make, market and sell 5ME’s BlueZone brand in North America.

Range of Gundrills, Carbide Drills, Reamers
Star SU presents its full line of gundrills and deep hole drills including single-flute gundrills; solid-carbide, single-flute gundrills; two-flute, two-hole gundrills; double-jet gundrills; double-crimp gundrills; and bi-tip gundrills.

Gear Grinding Machine Grinds without Coolant
Star SU offers the Samputensili SG 160 Sky Grind dry-grinding machine designed to grind gears without using coolant.

February 2016 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Grinding
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on grinding machines of various capacities.

Gear Grinder Eliminates Need for Cutting Oils
Samputensili’s SG 160 Sky Grind, available from Star SU, is said to eliminate the need for cutting oils during the grinding of gears after heat treatment.

Inside Gear Expo 2015
Billed as “The Drive Technology Show,” this year’s event featured new machine designs and cutting tools, heat-treat processes, and materials and hardening processes for hybrid transmission applications.

February 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Grinding
Click through this slideshow for a sampling of grinding equipment, ranging from hand tools and abrasives to complete grinding systems.

GMTA Forms Alliance with Star SU
The partnership will drive production of Scudding tools in North America.

Tool Grinder Designed for Thermal Stability
The Star NTG-4L tool and cutter grinder from Star SU is a five-axis CNC grinder for manufacturing, sharpening and reconditioning a variety of cutting tools.

Star SU Extends Partnership with FFG Werke
The partnership will help facilitate FFG’s access to access North and South American markets.

Sandvik Coromant Partners with Star SU
Star SU is now a distributor of Sandvik Coromant gear-milling cutters.

Pavilion Highlights Partnerships in Multifunctional Gear Machining
In a niche market like gear manufacturing, the advantage goes to the company that seizes each opportunity when it comes to new technology.

Single-Flute Gundrills Machine in One Pass
Offered by Star SU, Star Cutter’s single-flute gundrills machine straight, deep holes in one pass in virtually any material.

Star SU to Offer Straightening Machine Line
Gear cutting machinery supplier Star SU (Hoffman Estates, Illinois) has agreed to provide U.S. sales and after-sales service of manual and automatic straightening machines from Italian manufacturer Galdabini.

Hob And Shaper Cutter Aids Sharpening Of Reliefs
Star SU manufactures Sykes-style herringbone cutters and offers tool resharpening machines for sharpening the face and relief lip on the herringbone cutters. The PTG-1 hob and shaper cutter resharpening system includes software for the special relief grinding of Sykes cutters. This five-axis grinding machine features a Num Axium CNC control, Numrotoplus software, integrated automatic part probing, automatic wheel probing, and on-board wheel dressing.

Gear Inspector With Linear Motor Technology

Gear Shaper With Direct-Drive Spindles
The B&K Fellows MS450-125 CNC gearless gear shaper is a six-axis CNC mechanical stroking gear shaper with direct-drive spindles, electronic indexing, optional electronic helix setting and elevating cutter spindle housing. It is designed for shaping internal and external gears. The standard model is equipped with a Fanuc 30iB CNC system, hydrostatic spur guide, 15" color LCD touchscreen, manual pulse generator and storage for approximately 100 part programs.

Six-Axis Tool And Cutter Grinder

PCD Helical End Mills And Drills

Tool And Cutter Grinder Designed To Maximize Throughput