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A Special Message from ATI Stellram

A global supplier of quality cutting tools for the aerospace, automotive, power generation, oil & gas, and precision machining industries.

Stellram New Solid Carbide Range
Stellram New Solid Carbide Range

Stellram’s new solid carbide tooling, RAPIDE, provides a new dimension in performance from micrograin carbide.

Stellram New turning grade for machining steels
Stellram New turning grade for machining steels

It’s ultra-fast, ultra -durable, and ultra -impressive. Stellram’s new NL 37 NitroLok Ultra was developed for steel and steel alloys, and designed to enhance performance on several levels.

New High Feed milling cutter
New High Feed milling cutter

The 7792VXD allows one tool to be used for facing, pocketing, slotting, and plunging. It reduces component costs by maximising metal removal rates, and reduces processing time by allowing close-to-profile pocketing of 90 degree walls.

Company Profile

Stellram is a leading supplier of tungsten carbide tooling with manufacturing locations in Europe and North America. Stellram has developed a reputation for providing the best cutting tool solutions for difficult to machine materials – stainless steel, super-alloys, and titanium. The company focuses on these materials while still servicing general tooling needs for less demanding materials. Stellram’s latest product introductions include high velocity cutters for airframe components, patented anti-rotation tooling for heavy feed milling, plunge milling tools and high feed facing cutters. These latest designs are often capable of reducing machining time by as much as 50%. ATI Metalworking Products Stellram is a business unit within ATI Metalworking Products, a metallurgical company that focuses on the materials tungsten and molybdenum. ATI Metalworking Products produces tungsten carbide and tungsten alloy forms to serve the needs of many industries. Aerospace – tungsten alloy counter-balance weights Medical – tungsten alloy shielding for diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy Energy – tungsten carbide mining and drill bits for exploration Industrial Tooling – tungsten carbide tool blanks for cutting or wear applications Powder Metallurgy – tungsten and molybdenum powders ATI Metalworking Products is a ‘green company’. It operates the largest and most sophisticated tungsten reclamation facility in the world. Corporate Parent Stellram's parent company, Allegheny Technologies, (NYSE: ATI) is one of the largest and most diversified specialty materials producers in the world. High-value products include super stainless steel, nickel-based and cobalt-based alloys and superalloys, titanium and titanium alloys, specialty steels, tungsten materials, exotic alloys, which include zirconium, hafnium and niobium, and highly engineered strip and Precision Rolled Strip ® products. The synergies between Stellram and its parent company aid both organisations in understanding hard-to-machine alloys and in developing improved metalworking tools and methods. Through its relationship with Allegheny Technologies, Stellram has developed special capabilities for machining stainless steel, titanium, and cobalt and nickel based superalloys.

Product Categories of ATI Stellram

  • Chamfering Tools
  • Cut-Off Tools/Attachments
  • Drills
  • End Mills
  • Facing Tools/Heads
  • Grooving Tools
  • Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
  • Milling Cutters
  • Thread Milling Cutters
  • Thread Rolls & Dies
  • Threading Tools
  • Tool Blanks
  • Turning Attachments

Trade Names

  • Aerostell
  • Hardcore
  • Nitro-Lok
  • Posimatic
  • Rapide
  • Stell-Lok
  • X Grades

Deep Links

NEW High Feed Face Mill Video - 7792 VXD video shows high volume of metal removal – up to 3mm feed per tooth.

NEW High Feed Face Mill Literature - Specific geometry for aluminum and light alloys. Higher feed rates by directing cutting forces through the spindle.

Product Announcements Provided By ATI Stellram

New High feed milling cutter

New Solid Carbide Range

NL 37: Machine all steels

X400: Mill Steels and Hardened Steels Under The Most Demanding Conditions

As seen in MMS

Alter the Axial Depth
In difficult-to-machine metals, when a pocket or similar deep feature is milled in successively deeper Z-axis levels, oxidation and chemical reaction can affect the tool at the upper surface level of each cut. The solution: Change the axial depth of cut for each pass.

10 Tips for Titanium
Simple process considerations can increase your productivity in milling titanium alloys.

Ceramic Abrasive Range for Aggressive Metal Removal
ATI Stellram offers a range of Garryson Ceramiq abrasive discs engineered for aggressive metal removal and finishing.

ATI Stellram Acquires Greenfield Product Lines
ATI Stellram will offer Greenfield threading products.

Turning Products Highlighted
ATI Stellram’s expanded Turning Products Catalog features a range of PVD and CVD grades, including the company’s NL coatings for specific workpiece materials and applications.

Turning Grades Reduce Friction
ATI Stellram offers its NL-series turning grades designed for increased metal removal rates.

Webinar: Technology for Optimizing Your Turning Process
A free webinar on Wednesday, May 22 explains how minimizing the kinetic friction between the cutting tool and the workpiece during turning can increase material removal rate, improve surface finish and extend tool life.

Titanium Machining Seminar
ATI Stellram’s seminar, “Advanced Machining Solutions for Titanium Alloys,” will be held from 2 to 2:30 p.m. today and tomorrow (Sept. 12 and 13) in meeting room W-177.

Power Generation, Aerospace Milling Product Catalog
ATI Stellram’s catalog features indexable milling cutters and inserts specifically designed and manufactured for high-performance, difficult-to-machine materials, such as those used in turbine blades.

End Mill Designed for Difficult Materials
ATI Stellram’s XE solid carbide end mill is designed to slot and profile to higher radial and axial engagements, and run at higher surface speeds and feeds in difficult-to-machine materials.

High-Feed Cutters for Difficult Materials
The 7792VXE16 high-feed shell mill cutter from ATI Stellram is designed to increase material removal rates in titanium and other difficult-to-machine materials, including nickel-, cobalt- and titanium-based alloys.

Versatile Turning Geometry
ATI Stellram offers a versatile geometry for finish turning components ranging from steel to high-temperature alloys.

Turning Geometry For Aerospace Alloy
ATI Stellram designed the 4E turning geometry to meet the demands of machining aerospace-type components manufactured from high nickel, high cobalt and titanium-based alloys. Available in grade SP0819, the inserts use an approved aerospace substrate and are enhanced with a nano-TiAlN layer PVD coating. Combining a super-hard coating with a micro-grain carbide substrate significantly improves heat and wear resistance in high-temperature alloy machining, the company says.

Low-Pressure Milling Of Stainless And Titanium Alloys
X700 grade inserts from ATI are coated with TiAIN by PVD and are designed for milling stainless steels and titanium alloys while generating lower pressure and stress during machining operations. The inserts are available in a variety of styles—square, round and octagonal for a variety of applications. .

Cutting Tools For The Aerospace Industry
In many aerospace components, titanium is replacing other metals. ATI Stellram offers a range of cutting tools to meet the demands of cutting this difficult-to-machine alloy. By adding Ruthernium to Cobalt, the company says it creates a stronger bonding matrix for the carbide in its inserts, making them last longer

Dual-Carbide Technology Addresses Basic Drilling Challenge
A dual-carbide-grade drill has a micro-grain carbide core blended to provide toughness to prevent chipping at the drill's point. Surrounding the core is a second carbide grade that provides hardness needed for wear resistance at the drill's outer edges.

Plunge Mill Cuts Cycle Times