Stratasys, Inc.

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Toll-Free: 888-480-3548
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7665 Commerce Way
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 US

Product Categories of Stratasys, Inc.

  • Additive Production Equipment
  • Additive Prototyping Equipment
  • Direct Depositon Equipment
  • Rapid Manufacturing Equipment
  • Rapid Tooling Equipment

Trade Names

  • 3D Printer
  • Dimension
  • FDM
  • FDM 200mc
  • FDM 360mc
  • FDM 400mc
  • FDM 900mc
  • Fused Deposition Modeling
  • RedEye RPM

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Stratasys Adds Senior VP of Global Operations
The new VP will be based in Minneapolis.

Additive Manufacturing is the New Normal
A company founded on the principle of individualized manufacturing puts AM to work right out front, in its retail lobby.

Stratasys Names Chief Marketing Officer
The company created the position to support its global expansion.

Material Strength Affects Part Weight in Additive Manufacturing
Material properties will have even more significance in additive manufacturing than in previous part-making processes. Taking advantage of the strength of one material over another can permit an internal redesign that reduces the weight and cost of the part.

Where Do 3D-Printed Molds Make Sense?
Stratasys describes the capabilities and limitations of 3D “digital ABS” molds for making plastic parts through injection molding or blow molding.

Stratasys 2015 Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge Opens
The first place winner in the post-secondary category will win a trip to a 3D printing conference.

Stratasys to Acquire GrabCAD
The acquisition will bring further support for 3D CAD data in the 3D printing process.

3DRV Road Tour Visits ITAMCO
Although we have written about ITAMCO several times, it’s good to see this precision machining company getting positive mention in a recent article posted online by Forbes. The author, TJ McCue, visited ITAMCO as part of his eight-month, cross country tour to investigate the impact of 3D digital technology and advanced manufacturing.

Stratasys Acquires Solid Concepts
Stratasys completes procurement of the company, sets sights on Harvest Technologies.

Stratasys Sponsors 3D Printing Road Show
An eight-month road show will explore how 3D printing and additive manufacturing are changing the way objects are designed and manufactured.

Nylon 3D Printing Material Offers High Break Resistance
Stratasys offers FDM Nylon 12, a nylon material engineered for use with the company’s Fortus line of 3D printing systems.

Winners of 10th Annual Stratasys 3D Printing Challenge Announced
The yearly contest challenges secondary and postsecondary students to create or redesign products that could be produced through 3D printing.

Stratasys Announces Extreme Redesign Contest Finalists
The top 10 finalists in each category have been chosen. Another round of judging will determine the top three entries.

Stratasys Appoints North American President, Announces Acquisitions
The company anticipates future growth in 3D printing across North America.

RedEye to Join with Other Additive Manufacturing Companies
Stratasys, the supplier of additive manufacturing technology and also owner of additive manufacturing service provider RedEye, announced this week that it intends to acquire two other AM service providers: Solid Concepts and Harvest Technologies.

Practicality & Possibility
Some of the technologies and applications on display at Euromold 2013 illustrated the possibilities for using additive manufacturing to manufacture functional parts.

Stratasys Nylon FDM Material Offers Greater Strength
Stratasys has introduced a nylon material designed to offer greater resistance to breaking and better impact strength than other fused deposition modeling (FDM) materials.

Nylon Material for Additive Manufacturing Resists Breakage
Stratasys offers its FDM Nylon 12 material designed for its Fortus 3D production systems.

Stratasys Chairman/CIO Receives SME Industry Achievement Award
Stratasys Ltd. Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer Scott Crump has been awarded the Rapid Technologies and Additive Manufacturing (RTAM) Industry Achievement Award by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).

3D Printer Delivers High Precision at High Speed
The 3Z Max from Solidscape is the Stratasys subsidiary’s fastest 3D wax printer, offering higher throughput and increased production when working with bulkier precision designs in jewelry manufacturing, and industrial and medical applications.