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Product Categories of Stratasys, Inc.

  • Additive Production Equipment
  • Additive Prototyping Equipment
  • Direct Depositon Equipment
  • Rapid Manufacturing Equipment
  • Rapid Prototyping/Manufacturing Machines
  • Rapid Tooling Equipment

Trade Names

  • 3D Printer
  • Dimension
  • FDM
  • FDM 200mc
  • FDM 360mc
  • FDM 400mc
  • FDM 900mc
  • Fused Deposition Modeling
  • RedEye RPM

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Stratasys Appoints North American President, Announces Acquisitions
The company anticipates future growth in 3D printing across North America.

RedEye to Join with Other Additive Manufacturing Companies
Stratasys, the supplier of additive manufacturing technology and also owner of additive manufacturing service provider RedEye, announced this week that it intends to acquire two other AM service providers: Solid Concepts and Harvest Technologies.

Practicality & Possibility
Some of the technologies and applications on display at Euromold 2013 illustrated the possibilities for using additive manufacturing to manufacture functional parts.

Stratasys Nylon FDM Material Offers Greater Strength
Stratasys has introduced a nylon material designed to offer greater resistance to breaking and better impact strength than other fused deposition modeling (FDM) materials.

Nylon Material for Additive Manufacturing Resists Breakage
Stratasys offers its FDM Nylon 12 material designed for its Fortus 3D production systems.

Stratasys Chairman/CIO Receives SME Industry Achievement Award
Stratasys Ltd. Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer Scott Crump has been awarded the Rapid Technologies and Additive Manufacturing (RTAM) Industry Achievement Award by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).

3D Printer Delivers High Precision at High Speed
The 3Z Max from Solidscape is the Stratasys subsidiary’s fastest 3D wax printer, offering higher throughput and increased production when working with bulkier precision designs in jewelry manufacturing, and industrial and medical applications.

Stratasys Kicks off 10th Annual 3D Printing Challenge
The global contest has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships to students for their designs.

Building Olympians, Layer by Layer
A 3D printer from Stratasys was used to create customized hilt grips for Japan’s Olympic fencing team.

Building Olympians, Layer by Layer
Personalized swords manufactured through 3D printing helped the Japanese fencing team take home the Silver in the 2012 Olympics.

Everyday AM
It’s not just for prototyping. Additive manufacturing can help with the manufacturing side of your business as well.

Stratasys to Acquire MakerBot
Stratasys Ltd. has signed an agreement to merge MakerBot, a maker of desktop 3D printers, with a Stratasys subsidiary in a stock-for-stock transaction.

Additive Manufacturing in the Job Shop
This small shop invested in production 3D printing in part because its owner expects other manufacturers to make the same move. He wanted a head start.

Baklund: Lessons About Additive
Make extras. Make the part before even winning the job. Additive manufacturing encourages atypical strategies such as these.

Stratsys Announces 2013 Extreme Redesign Contest Winners
Nine winners were chosen.

Driving Change, Layer by Layer
A vehicle currently in development will not only have a body produced entirely via additive manufacturing processes, but also promises to break new ground in fuel efficiency.

3D Printing’s Expanding Role
By providing solid prototypes of proposed part designs, one company has saved enough money in avoided rework to pay for its new 3D printer several times over.

FDM Technology Uses Resin to Produce Small-Volume Aerospace Parts
Ultem 9085 resin from the Innovative Plastics business of Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC) is formulated to be strong, lightweight and flame-retardant, and it now is being used to help aerospace OEMs produce small-volume parts quickly and cost-effectively.

"Adding" to Your Tooling Options
Understand the benefits and applications of processes for making tooling through additive manufacturing.

Stratasys Announces 9th 3D Printing Challenge
The annual contest invites students worldwide to submit designs or redesigns for scholarship money and more.