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As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Machining Centers for Small-Lot, High-Mix/Low-Volume Applications
Westec 2017: Southwestern Industries’ Trak machines are said to increase productivity in shops that engage in small-lot or high-mix/low-volume work.

Amerimold 2017

Amerimold: Moldmaking's Biggest Show Captures Current Metalworking Technology
Many of the emerging developments and key trends in metalworking technology were represented at this show, making it a revealing cross-section of current advances.

Southwestern Industries Trak 2OP

Portable VMC Streamlines Secondary Operations
Eastec 2017: Southwestern Industries will showcase the Trak 2OP, its portable VMC designed for secondary machining operations.

Grob five-axis G350

On Display at Amerimold 2016
Highlights include modular workholding, stable cutting tools, new machine tool offerings and non-contact measurement.

Southwestern Trak 20P

Portable VMC for Secondary Ops
Southwestern Industries has developed the Trak 2OP, a portable VMC said to be well-suited for secondary machining operations.

Southwestern Industries Trak

Mills and Lathes with CNC Technology Increase Productivity
Southwestern Industries will exhibit its Trak line of mills and lathes featuring the company’s ProtoTrak conversational CNC language, designed to reduce time-consuming machine setups and enable less-skilled machinists to do higher-level work.

October 2015 Modern Machine Shop Magazine

When One? When Two?
East Branch Engineering often uses live-tool turning centers to complete complex parts in one setup. However, it also leverages a flexible and reconfigurable “mini-cell” strategy to enable a single operator to tend two machines at once, essentially gaining “free” machining time by overlapping operations.

Portable Machine Eases Secondary Operations
Southwestern Industries will display its Trak 2OP portable CNC machine designed for secondary machining operations, streamlining a shop’s workflow by bringing an additional spindle to hand when the operator is idled by the cycle time of the primary machine.

Southwestern Industries Trak 2OP

Mobile Machining Center Performs Secondary Operations
Southwestern Industries’ Trak 2OP portable machining center streamlines workflow by bringing an additional spindle to an operator for secondary machining operations.

All That and a Pallet Jack
Easy maneuverability is a key feature for this secondary-op machine. That’s why it comes with its own pallet jack.

ModuleWorks, Southwestern Industries Confirm Partnership
The partnership will develop stock-removal verification technology.

The Value of a Portable Second-Op Machine
A portable second-op machine can make more effective use of labor while freeing primary machines to carry out the complicated work they were designed to perform.

Southwestern Industries TRAK 2OP portable machining center

Portable CNC Machining Center Performs Secondary Operations
Southwestern Industries will release its TRAK 2OP portable machining center designed for second-operation machining.

Southwestern Industries CNC software

CNC Software Packages Reduce Programming Time
Southwestern Industries will introduce two advanced CNC software packages: Verify and Parasolid Converter.

Southwestern ProtoTrak Parasolid converter

Converter Reduces Programming Time
Southwester Industries’ ProtoTrak Parasolid converter is designed to enable users to quickly generate ProtoTrak programs from solid 3D Parasolid CAD files.

Southwestern Industries 3D Verify software

Machining Simulation Software for Lathes and Mills
Southwestern Industries will introduce its solid 3D Verify machining simulation software, available as part of the advanced feature option set for TRAK lathes and mills with ProtoTrak SLX and SMX controls, respectively.

Taking the Long View on Short Runs
Certain jobs require a processing strategy that strikes a balance between the needs of high-volume production and low-quantity toolroom work. Reorganizing material flows and investing in machining centers designed specifically for small lots helped this manufacturer find that middle ground.

Entry-Level Machine Installation Recognized in U.K.
XYZ Machine Tools of Devon, England, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southwestern Industries, has received the MWP 2012 Advanced Manufacturing Award in the “Best Entry Level Machine Installation” category for a TRAK LPM machining center installation in Kent, England.  That category recognizes the supply and effective application of lower-cost, user-friendly CNC equipment.

Southwestern Industries TRAK mills and lathes

Mills, Lathes Increase Productivity in Small-Lot Machining
Southwestern Industries’ Trak line of mills and lathes feature the company’s ProtoTrak CNC conversational language, which is designed to reduce machine setup time and increase machinist productivity.

Southwestern Industries Trak LPM machining center

Machining Center Reduces Change-Over Time
Southwestern Industries’ Trak LPM machining center is designed for for low-volume work.

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