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A Special Message from Tapeswitch Corporation

NEW Programmable PCU/1 Safety Control Unit Adds Programmable Logic Control Functions, Multiple Safety Device Integration, and Software to Tapeswitch Sensors. 

NEW Safety Laser Scanner Offers Wide Area Coverage In A Compact, Lightweight, and Easy To Use Scanner

Company Profile


Tapeswitch Corporation: Machine Safety, Sensing, Signaling and Machine Guarding


For 50 years, Tapeswitch Corporaton has manufactured and offered safety, sensing, and signaling products to many diverse markets, including machine shops. Our safety technology is applied to presence detection, area guarding, machine guarding, collision avoidance, power control and general pupose signaling for machinery and equipment and protecting people. 


Our complete standard product lines are:


  • Switches (ribbon, touch pads, foot switches, hand switches, operator switches) 
  • Safety Mats For Area Guarding and Presence Detection
  • Safety Edges For Emergency Shutdown and Sensing Applications
  • Sensing Bumpers For Collision Avoidance
  • Light Curtains/Safety Laser Scanners 
  • Non-contact interlocks For Machine Guarding With Gates, Doors, & Enclosures (monitoring)
  • Trapped key interlocks For Power Isolation and Access Control Machine Gaurding with Gates, Doors, Hatches (Lock-Out).

New: Compact Safety Laser Scanner

Custom Manufactured Switch Products

Within each of the pressure sensitive switch product lines, there are multiple variations of standard products. In addition to our standard product lines, we custom engineer our pressure sensitive products to application requirements and specifications. 

We work with all levels of the supply chain and end users to provide high quality, reliable, and top of the market safety, sensing, and detection products to protect people around the world.



Product Categories of Tapeswitch Corporation

  • Electrical Switchgear, Enclosures & Components
  • Safety Related Products

Trade Names

  • Non Contact Switches and Systems
  • Safety Laser Scanner
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Safety Mats For Area Guarding
  • Sensing Bumpers/Collision Avoidance
  • Sensing Edges/E-stop and Sensing
  • Switches General and Safety
  • Trapped Key Interlocks


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Product Announcements Provided By Tapeswitch Corporation

Tapeswitch Corporation Now Offers A Safety Laser Scanner Featuring Wide Area Coverage in Compact, Lightweight, and Easy To Program Scanner

Tapeswitch Corp. Offers HE Series Single and Multi-Gate Monitoring System For Machine Guarding

Tapeswitch Corp. Manufactures Programmable B Series Light Curtains

Tapeswitch Corporation Offers Trapped Key Interlocks For Power Isolation and Access Control Machine Guarding (Lock-Out)

Tapeswitch Corporation Offers MZ Multi-zone Safety Controller

Tapeswitch Corporation Switches For General Purpose Signaling, Safety, and Sensing Applications

Tapeswitch Corporation Safety Edges Offer Emergency Stop Machine Safety and Sensing Solution

Tapeswitch Corporation Safety Mats Offer Area Guarding Around Machinery and Equipment and Emergency Machine Shutdown.

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Programmable Safety Laser Scanner Offers Wide Area Coverage
Tapeswitch offers the Sentac Solutions compact UAM-092LP-T302 safety laser scanner for collision prevention, presence detection and intrusion detection.

Safety Interlocks Help Guard Machine Tools and Automation
Tapeswitch Corp supplies trapped key interlocks for power isolation and access safety.