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About TechSolve

TechSolve’s process improvement solutions are designed to enhance your efficiency and productivity by eliminating waste within your manufacturing or machining processes. Our services include:

  • Productivity Improvement
  • Energy & Environmental Management
  • Supplier Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Quality Management

TechSolve is continually developing new approaches to identifying and implementing process improvement and technology solutions, and we are unique in offering an on-site, multi-million dollar machining lab for real-world assessments and modeling. Our team of experts uses this lab to support and enhance our machining consulting services:

  • Increased productivity through optimization of machining parameters
  • Reductions in part costs
  • Enhanced facility efficiency
  • Process verification
  • Safety improvements
  • Machinability testing


Company Profile

TechSolve is a proud to be a National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Extensionship Program (NIST MEP) Center and an Ohio Edison Technology Development Center

Product Categories of TechSolve

  • Books, Publications & Information Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Consulting Services, R&D Institutes, Labs
  • Coolants, Cutting Fluids & Oils
  • Software, Machinability Databases
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
  • Trade Associations, Societies, Governmental Agencies
  • Training of All Types, Including Audiovisual/Internet

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TechSolve Appoints President
David R. Linger has more than 25 years of experience, including as president of University of Cincinnati’s Research Institute.

Benefits and Challenges of Minimum Quantity Lubrication
Optis, a joint venture between TechSolve and Castrol, looks at the positive impact of MQL, the challenges to its implementation and the industry’s current uptake of the solution.

6 Factors Help Maximize Profitability in High-Precision Machining
Jon Iverson, CEO of Optis says it is important to take an integrated approach to improving manufacturing performance. Here are six key considerations that should form an integral part of the manufacturing strategy.

Easing the Entry into Additive Manufacturing
With funding from America Makes, Optomec and MachMotion worked together to develop a retrofit additive manufacturing system for machining centers.

Making Sure MTConnect Is a Good Fit
An MTConnect-enabled machine monitoring system gives shopfloor managers information that is driving up utilization rates and improving workforce communication for this manufacturer of high-pressure aerospace fittings.

Asset-Monitoring Software Increases Productivity
ShopViz asset-monitoring software delivers real-time performance data 24/7.

Castrol Launches Joint Venture with TechSolve
A 50-50 partnership will help manufacturers improve efficiency across the supply chain.

A Visit to TechSolve’s Machining Lab
The M. Eugene Merchant Technology Development Center at TechSolve is a well-equipped machining lab dedicated to developing advanced machining processes and conducting machining-related research. The current projects in the lab reflect critical issues facing metalworking manufacturers, as I learned at a recent open house.

MT Connect: Two Shops Share Their Experience
For two shops in northern Indiana, using MTConnect for machine monitoring was just the start. Both shops are now ready to implement other promising applications.

Understanding MTConnect Agents and Adapters
MTConnect agents and their corresponding device adapters are simply small computer programs that work together so that MTConnect can make shop equipment and networks more readily connectible. In a nutshell, adapters enable existing shopfloor devices “to speak MTConnect,” and agents enable MTConnect messages and data files to be transmitted across a network to MTConnect-compatible applications.

The Need to Know Is Basic
An MTConnect-enabled monitoring system gives this shop a clear and simple picture of machine tool usage.

Lean Manufacturing Shapes A Cell
A machining cell that seeks to optimize product flow may look very different from a cell that seeks to optimize a machining process.

Picture-Perfect Manufacturing
The vision of a production process with little or no waste is the inspiration behind lean manufacturing. Value stream mapping is a graphical tool that this contract manufacturer uses to create that vision.

Setup Reduction: At The Heart Of Lean Manufacturing
This shop cut average setup time nearly in half. Now small batches can move quickly through the production process, making the company more responsive to customer needs than ever before.

This Shop Really Shines...And Sorts, Simplifies, Standardizes And Sustains
The 5S principles are proving to be a powerful prelude and prerequisite to lean manufacturing at this aerospace job shop.

Optimizing The Grinding Process
R&D project aims to change grinding from an art to a science.

Coolant Considerations For Medical Machining
While the proprietary nature of the actual metalworking processes used for making 'body parts' tends to be more mystique than technique, there are some things to think about for shops that are looking to do this kind of work.