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TECNARA TOOLING SYSTEMS offers a wide range of high performance workholding and toolholding systems.
Our featured systems include:
MST Slimline shrink-fit toolholders. The ultimate in precision, rigidity and slim, compact design. MST Rite-Angle and Universal Angle attachments. Unmatched for versatility. Kitagawa Robust NC rotary tables. MR, TX, and tilting types. Optimum durability and highest accuracies.Yuken Versatile chip compactor. Go green by recycling coolant and maximizing your scrap metal return.

Product Categories of Tecnara Tooling Systems, Inc.

  • Arbors (for Cutters)
  • Chucks, Collet Type (for Workholding)
  • Collets for Toolholding
  • Environmental & Pollution Control Equipment
  • Indexers & Rotary Tables
  • Retention Knobs
  • Toolholders
  • Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change

Trade Names

  • AOI MistCapture Oil Mist Separators
  • KAWATA Touchdex Manual Indexers
  • Kitagawa Rotary Tables
  • MST Angle Attachment
  • MST Slimline
  • Super Ario Parts Accumulator
  • Yuken Chip Compactor

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Product Announcements Provided By Tecnara Tooling Systems, Inc.

NS Leutor Hi-Speed Heads Brochure #610

Yuken Kiriko Chip Compactor Brochure #510

Kitagawa TT Series Brochure #410

Kitagawa TX Series Brochure #709

Kitagawa MR Series Brochure #204

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Workpiece Accumulator Enables Unattended Operation
Tecnara’s Super Ario is a compact and portable automatic parts accumulator for Swiss machines and small CNC lathes.

Mechanical Indexer Synchronizes with NC Program
The Kawata Touchdex indexer, available from Tecnara, is designed for fast setup and flexibility.

Angle Heads for Complex Milling, Drilling, Tapping
Tecnara Tooling Systems offers a full-color catalog.

Parts Catcher Integrates with Lathes
Tecnara’s Super Ario workpiece accumulator is designed for use with Swiss-type lathes and small CNC lathes.

Workpiece Accumulator Enables Unattended Operation
Available from Tecnara, the Super Ario unattended workpiece accumulator is designed to prevent damage to newly machined workpieces.

The Various Styles of Mechanical Indexers
Mechanical rotary indexers like these can be installed on a machine quickly and take up less table real estate of motorized indexers.

The Right Touch of Indexing Capability
Mechanical rotary indexers like these can be installed on a machine quickly and take up less table real estate of motorized indexers.

Filterless Oil Mist Collector Eases Maintenance
Tecnara Tooling Systems’ Aoi MistCapture filterless oil mist collector is available in four models for a range of air volumes, velocities and applications, and can be fine-tuned for various settings.

Filterless Oil-Mist System Offers Quiet Operation
Available from Tecnara Tooling Systems, the Aoi MistCapture filterless oil-mist system is designed to eliminate 3-micron particles.

Compact Angle Heads Feature Through-Coolant
Tecnara Tooling Systems will display its MST angle heads for virtually every 90-, 45- and invariable-angle application.

Angle Heads Offer High Speed, Accuracy
Tecnara Tooling's MST angle heads are designed for 90- and 45-degree apllications as well as invariable-angle applications.

Shavings Compactor Saves Money, Space
Available from Tecnara Tooling, the Yuken Kiriko is a quiet, hydraulic-powered chip compactor that is designed to reduce shavings and chips to as much as 2.5 percent of their original volume.

Versatile Angle Attachments
Tecnara says its precise and durable MST Rite Angle attachments’ compact head design and rugged construction provide heavy-duty cutting and trouble-free operation in a variety of applications.   The company’s Half series of tooling systems is designed to enable shops to accept a greater range of advanced projects at a lesser cost.

Shrink-Fit Chucking System for Die/Mold Applications
Tecnara’s Slimline shrink-fit chucking system features a slim body to avoid interference in difficult mold and die applications.

Oil-Mist Separator Minimizes Noise, Vibration

Managers Make Clean Air Top Priority
These shops have made maintaining a clean shopfloor environment a top priority. With Reven Recojet-1 mist separators from Tecnara Tooling Systems, they have been able to do just that with virtually no investment in floor space or time-consuming maintenance.

The Value Of Daily CMM Capability Checks
Coordinate measuring machines are not infallible. A variety of factors can adversely affect their measuring accuracy, including a crash, large temperature fluctuations, a malfunctioning probe head, use of an uncalibrated probe - even a person leaning on the machine gantry might be enough to take it out of square. If the CMM's true capability is verified only once a year via laser or another calibration method, then it's possible that the CMM might be inaccurately measuring parts for an extended period of time, unbeknownst to the operator. The question remains - did a workpiece fail inspection because of an imprecise manufacturing process or an inaccurate CMM?

NC Rotary Tables

Precision Balancing Protects Valuable Equipment-And The Bottom Line
High speed machining can be a risky proposition. At high speeds, an out-of-balance toolholder can cause costly damage to valuable spindles and workpieces.

Creative Optics Shop Takes Aim At Tough Problems
Every day, in very different Southern California shops, there are problems posed by very complex projects challenging America's outstanding metalworking teams.