Tecnomagnete, Inc.

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6655 Allar Dr.
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Product Categories of Tecnomagnete, Inc.

  • Chucks, Magnetic
  • Clamps & Fixturing Devices
  • Lifting & Positioning Equipment

As seen in MMS

On Display at Amerimold 2016
Highlights include modular workholding, stable cutting tools, new machine tool offerings and non-contact measurement.

High Speed Leads to Lights-Out
This mold maker has become more competitive by establishing a high speed machining process that is predictable enough to confidently run lights-out.

When to Mill Keeps Changing
Technology improvements steadily expand the range of tool and die parts that justify high speed machining.

Magnetic Workholding Expands Machining Options For St. Louis Mold Shop
Not long ago, this mold shop used conventional workholding devices such as mechanical vises and toe clamps. Although these are commonly used throughout the industry, the vises were found to restrict the workpiece size.