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Geometric Technologies, Inc. develops and markets CAMWorks, which is available for machining centers, turning, mill/turn and wire EDM applications.

CAMWorks . The Smart , Easy and Efficient CAM Software for Manufacturing

  CAMWorks was the first fully integrated CAD/CAM solution designed exclusively to operate in SolidWorks.

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Geometric NestingWorks 2016 3D

Nesting Software Optimizes Material Usage
Geometric has released its NestingWorks 2016 3D nesting software for automatically nesting layouts of SolidWorks parts and assemblies for production.

CAMWorks 2016 five axis drilling

CAM Software Eases Design-to-Manufacture Process
Geometric Ltd. has released the 2016 version of CAMWorks for 3D CNC machining applications, with features designed to improve productivity, ease the move from design to production, and minimize the cost of design and manufacturing changes.

CAM Software Automates Programming for Solid Edge CAD Models
Geometric Ltd. has released CAMWorks 2015, which runs within Siemens’ Solid Edge ST8 software as an integrated CAM application.

Geometric CAMWorks

Updated Software Converts Three-Axis Tool Paths to Five-Axis
Geometric’s CAMWorks features updates for high-performance milling, automatic conversion of tool paths and integrated G-code simulation.

Geometric CAMWorks 2015

CAM Software Speeds Design-to-Part Cycle
Geometric's CAMWorks 2015 software is designed to speed programming, setup and machining times with the intention of shortening the entire design-to-part cycle.

Geometric CAMWorks 2014

CAD/CAM Software Reduces Data Redundancy
Geometric’s CAMWorks 2014 CAD/CAM software is said to accelerate design-to-part time by improving productivity.

Geometric CAMWorks 2014

Complete CAD/CAM Software Solution Update
The 2014 version of Geometric’s CAMWorks software is designed to be a complete CAD/CAM solution for CNC programming, from initial part design to full machine simulation.

Embedded CAM Software Enables Rapid CAD Edits
Geometric Limited offers CAMWorks for Solid Edge, an embedded CAM solution for Siemens PLM’s Solid Edge 3D design software.

Geometric Limited CAMWorks 2013

New Module Simplifies Multi-Axis Programming
Geometric Limited will preview CAMWorks 2013, the latest version of its solids-based CNC programming software.

Geometric Glovius V3

3D Visualization Tool Improves CAD Support
Geometric’s Glovius for Windows version 3.0 is a customizable 3D visualization tool that features updates for improved consumption of product design data.

Geometric Technologies CAMWorks 2013

Solid-Based CNC Programming
The 2013 release of Geometric Technologies’ CAMWorks solid-based CNC programming software is designed for easier programming and faster toolpath machining.

Solids-Based CNC Programming Simplifies Multitasking
CAMWorks 2013 from Geometric is designed to simplify multitasking machining with its Synchronous Machining Module (SMM) for intricate control of subspindle operations.

Geometric and Dassault Enter Partner Program
The companies have strengthened their existing relationship.

Geometric CAMWorksXpress

Entry-Level CAM Software Cuts Programming Time
Geometric’s CAMWorksXpress CAM package is designed for 2.5D machining.

Integrated Software Provides Competitive Edge
CAMWorks with VoluMill from Geometric Technologies helped this shop quickly generate programs from submitted solid models as well as improve cycle times, tool life and machine life.

Software Enables Design Collaboration By Email
Version 8.0 of Geometric’s eDrawings Professional for Solid Edge is an email-enabled collaboration tool designed to ease the sharing and interpretation of 2D and 3D product design data.

CAMWorks Expands Reseller Base
Geometric, developer of solid-based CNC programming CAMWorks software, has expanded its footprint in Illinois, Indiana and Texas.

Enhanced Solids-Based Programming Package
The company’s CAMWorks 2011 version of its solid-based CNC programming package provides new capabilities including enhanced automation, improved knowledge-based machining information and smarter tool paths.

Excel-Based Reports Facilitate Manufacturability Issue Tracking
Geometric Limited offers version 2.3 of DFMPro for Pro/Engineer.

Solid-Based CNC Programming Solution
The company will preview CAMWorks 2011, the upcoming version of its solid-based CNC programming solution.

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Company Profile

Geometric Technologies, Inc. develops and markets CAMWorks, which is available for machining centers, turning, mill/turn and wire EDM applications. Geometric Technologies, Inc. (formerly TekSoft) is an industry leader in developing advanced manufacturing software. It sells its products through 140 resellers in 40 countries and has an installed base of over 33,000 licenses. Customers include the mold making, aerospace, computer, woodworking and automotive industries, among others.

Geometric Technologies is the Desktop Products and Technologies (DPT) business unit of Geometric Limited, a leading PLM services provider with over 20 years of experience in CAD/CAM/CAE, PDM and MPM. Geometric employs close to 3000 people across 10 global delivery locations in the US, France, Romania, India, and China. Geometric is assessed at SEI CMMI Level 5 for its software services and ISO 9001:2000 certified for engineering operations. The Geometric website is For information about CAMWorks, visit or call 480-367-0132 ext. 5

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CAMWorks . The Smart , Easy and Efficient CAM Software for Manufacturing


CAMWorks was the first fully integrated CAD/CAM solution designed exclusively to operate in SolidWorks. CAMWorks boasts knowledge-based, feature recognition, and fully associative machining capabilities. CAMWorks uses the same SolidWorks geometry to generate toolpaths to ensure the part you machine is the same part you've modeled.

CAMWorks is an intelligent and intuitive CAM application that eliminates the drudgery of CNC programming. Hours of complex programming time are eliminated by Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) automatically defining machinable features while the TechDB (Technology Database) defines operations to automatically generate accurate toolpaths at the click of a button. CAMWorks helps manufacturers across aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical industries optimize and evolve their CAM automation process.

CAMWorks modules are available in a variety of combinations and bundles: 2½ Axis Milling, 3 Axis Milling, 4 and 5 Axis Milling, Turning, Mill-Turn, CAMWorks VoluMill, CAMWorks Virtual MachineCAMWorks Nesting, and Wire EDM. CAMWorks can be purchased to run with the full version of SolidWorks or as part of a cost-effective package that includes CAMWorks Solids. More information on CAMWorks is available at