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THINBIT®, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, is pleased to announce the expansion of the GROOVE’N TURN® line with Right Hand, Counter-Clockwise Face Grooving Inserts.  These new tools are designed to cut internal face grooves with major diameters starting at 0.300”.   The GROOVE’N TURN® inserts are available in .004” through .150” in .001” increments with sharp corner through full radius options.  Major diameters are offered in .300”, .750”, 1.250” and 3.000”.  These inserts are made from sub-micron grain carbide with grades for ferrous and non-ferrous materials either uncoated or with TiN, TiCN, TiAIN or diamond film coatings. 

GROOVE’N TURN® inserts can be used in conventional, Swiss and CNC machines.  Toolholders are available in square shank sizes 5/16” through 1-1/4” and round shank sizes ½” through 1” with straight and 90o presentations.  GROOVE’N TURN® inserts fit all “L” series toolholders.  Modifications can be provided on any THINBIT® tooling.

For more information regarding the entire THINBIT®line, please visit our website at


Laser Images®

THINBIT® presents Laser Images®, its full service laser engraving service. 

Laser engraving sets the standard for permanent, durable, accurate and cosmetically pleasing part identification.  Materials that are compatible with laser engraving include steel, carbide, anodized aluminum, plastics, painted surfaces, ceramics and stainless steel. 

THINBIT ®’s Laser Images has the experience and skill to laser engrave with the best combination of parameters to make parts cosmetically pleasing with high visibility and durability. Value added services include rapid quoting, fixture development, artwork refinement, packaging, experience and quality.  As part of the THINBIT® family, Laser Images® goal is to provide high quality laser engraving with superior customer service and fast turn-around at a fair price.

THINBIT® Microbit®
THINBIT® Microbit®

THINBIT® Micorobit®

THINBIT® manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, is pleased to present the Microbit® line.  The Microbit® line includes tools for internal grooving, face grooving, threading, boring and profiling.  Microbit® offers internal grooving for diameters .125” and larger with groove widths starting at .004” through .250” in .001” increments.  Boring tools start at .073” minimum bore and threading tools start at .077” minimum bore.  Tool shanks are available in 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” and 1/2” diameters. 

Microbit ® tooling is engineered with an elliptical neck to increase the cross sectional area of the neck.  Short and long neck lengths are available with standard or heavy duty elliptical cross sections.  These combinations allow for the best match of strength and rigidity to customer needs.

Duramax ® 2000 sub-micron grain carbide provides excellent life in all types of material and applications.  A full selection of radius and special configurations are available in TiN, TiCN, TiAIN and diamond film coatings.

Companion toolholders are available in many sizes of square or round shanks for CNC, Swiss and conventional machines.

For more information regarding Microbit® and all of the THINBIT® line, please visit our website at

Company Profile

Kaiser Tool Company was founded in 1964 with the purpose of supplying small lathe cutting tools that were not available as standard, in-stock items. Today, our line of THINBIT® cutting tools includes more than 100,000 in-stock tools for grooving, threading, parting, boring and turning.

Product Categories of Thinbit/Kaiser Tool Company

  • Boring Tools for Turning Machines
  • Chamfering Tools
  • Cut-Off Tools/Attachments
  • Facing Tools/Heads
  • Form Tools
  • Grooving Tools
  • Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
  • Laser Marking Systems
  • Threading Tools
  • Threading Tools - Cutting
  • Tool Holders & Adapters
  • Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change

Trade Names

  • Laser Images®
  • Mini GROOVE 'N TURN®

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As seen in MMS

Expanded Insert Line Cuts Interior Threads
Kaiser Tool has expanded its Thinbit Groove ‘N Turn line with the addition of Acme threading inserts designed to cut threads ranging from 4 to 16 threads per inch on conventional, Swiss-type and CNC lathes.

Support Blade-Style Tooling Cuts Internal Face Grooves
Thinbit has expanded its Deepgroove line of support blade-style tooling.

Blade-Style Tooling for Internal Grooving
ThinBit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Co., is expanding its line of DeepGroove support blade-style tooling.

Specialized Tooling Configurations Available
ThinBit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, features Design-A-Groove tooling that can be modified according to a customer’s specific application requirements.

The Right Tools for Micro Grooves
Mack Tool and Engineering used modified inserts to create micro-grooves, but they were prone to breaking. After switching to Thinbit Groove ‘N Turn tools from Kaiser Tool, the company experienced increased tool life.

In the Groove for 50 Years
It’s an American success story. In 1964, William and Hazel Kaiser founded a company to produce and market Thinbit, an innovative line of grooving tools. At first, the business operated out of the couple’s attic and garage. Fifty years later, the Kaiser Tool Company’s products continue to help shops such as Mack Tool and Engineering with successful solutions for demanding grooving applications.

Thinbit Celebrates 50-Year Anniversary
The Kaiser Tool Company began with a single line of small grooving tools in 1964.

Grooving Tools Generate Complex Profiles
Kaiser Tool Co.'s Thinbit Form-A-Groove tooling can generate complex profiles in a single plunge.

Custom Form Tools for Complex Profiles
The company’s Form-A-Groove tooling can generate complex profiles in a single plunge.

Toolholders for a 30-60-Degree Angle
Groove ‘N Turn toolholders are available in 3/4" and 1" square and are used for making undercuts and thread reliefs at a 30-degree/60-degree angle.

Grooving Tools for Complex Profiles
Using ThinBit Form-A-Groove tooling, form tools can be customized to generate complex profiles in a single plunge.

Inserts for Static O-Ring Grooves
Thinbit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, offers an addition to the Groove ‘N Turn line for machining static O-ring grooves.

Dovetail Grooving Inserts
 Manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, the Groove ‘N Turn line includes dovetail grooving inserts that machine O-ring dovetail grooves with 66-degree undercut angles.

Dovetail Grooving Inserts
Thinbit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, has expanded its Groove ‘N Turn line to include dovetail grooving inserts. Dovetail grooving inserts are used to machine O-ring dovetail grooves with 66-degree undercut angles.

Round Internal Toolholder Selection Expands
Thinbit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, has expanded its selection of internal Groove ‘N Turn toolholders. Available in ½", 5/8", ¾" and 1" diameters, the toolholders have a 1.

Expanded Selection Of Tooling Adapters
Thinbit, manufactured by Kaiser Tool Company, has expanded its selection of adapters for the Mini-Bore, Microbit and MiniGroove ‘N Turn tooling lines. The new adapters are available with 3/4" and 1" ODs and 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" IDs. .

Addition to Toolholder Line
Groove n’ Turn toolholders offer a new holder available in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1" diameters. It has a 1. 250" minimum bore and holds inserts with cutting depths to 0.

10 Considerations When Using Grooving Tools
The dynamics of chip formation and evacuation make grooving in turning operations unique in almost every way. Innovative insert designs and coatings can improve your grooving operation, but to be completely successful, there are some other things you should know.

Multitasking Tools Cut More Than Grooves
Once, grooving tools were only thought of for making grooves or cutting off the part. Improved designs, materials and coatings make them perfect sense as all-purpose tools under the right conditions.


  • Form Tools

    (Sponsored Content) The new THINBIT® FORM-A-GROOVE® tools simplify programming, increase production, increase accuracy, and free tool locations for other tools. FORM-A-GROOVE® tools allow you to generate complex profiles in a single plunge.