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Tool Alliance®

Company Profile

Based in Huntington Beach, California, and Fort Myers, Florida, Tool Alliance is the combination of Ultra-Tool®, RoundTool Laboratories®, Mil-Tec®, Routco®, and Tungsten ToolWorks® - five leading brands in the manufacture of solid & indexable carbide rotary cutting tools. Since their inception, Tool Alliance companies have been paving the way in quality and innovation: •Ultra-Tool: The first major manufacturer to popularize the use of "micro-grain" type carbides. •RoundTool Laboratories: Helped pioneer the development of "application-specific" type tooling. •Mil-Tec: Home of the patented Freedom Cutter®. Three insert shapes fit the same cutter body. •Routco: Bringing application-specific principles to the woodworking, composite, and non-ferrous marketplace. •Tungsten ToolWorks: The world's first on-line, real time design, quotation, blueprint, and ordering system. Additionally, all Tool Alliance brands benefit from our proprietary SmoothGrind®, SmoothContricity® and SmoothCoat® technologies. "Utilizing the core competencies we have developed over our thirty-year history combined with our world-class lineup of carbide substrate, coating, and CNC equipment partners enables us to offer our customers the finest quality in the industry and an unbeatable value." - Tool Alliance President David Povich.

Product Categories of Tool Alliance

  • Chamfering Tools
  • Counterbores/Countersinks
  • Deburring Tools (Machine Tool Spindle-Mounted)
  • Drills
  • End Mills
  • Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
  • Key Seating Tools
  • Reamers
  • Slotting Saws

Trade Names

  • Freedom Cutter®
  • HV (High-Velocity) Cutter
  • Mil-Loc®
  • Mil-Tec®
  • RoundTool Laboratories®
  • Routco®
  • SmoothCoat®
  • SmoothContricity®
  • SmoothEdge®
  • SmoothGrind®
  • Tool Alliance®
  • Tungsten ToolWorks®
  • Ultra-Carb®
  • Ultra-Grain®
  • Ultra-Tool®

Deep Links

Visit Ultra-Tool®, home of thousands of premium, high-performance solid carbide catalog items! Ultra-Tool is a premier manufacturer of solid carbide catalog standards, including a variety of high-performance end mills, drills, reamers, keyseat cutter, burrs, routers, saws, and more. Ultra-Tool also manufactures blueprint specials, all within ISO compliant factories in Huntington Beach, California.

Visit Mil-Tec®, home of the patented Freedom Cutter®! Mil-Tec has the most exciting line with the indexable carbide milling marketplace. All of our products are precision-ground and polished, allowing extremely high metal removal rates via positive geometry shearing on both low-HP small machine tools or the very latest CNC machining center.

Visit Tungsten ToolWorks®, inventor of on-line solid carbide cutter design / quotation / ordering! Tungsten ToolWorks allows "no-compromise" machining by allowing skilled manufacturing engineers and machinists to "Customize Yourself" and design the perfect tool for your individual application. Build your solid carbide tool to suit, improve your process, save time and money all in one unbelievably easy and fun web application.

Product Announcements Provided By Tool Alliance

High Performance Variable Helix End Mill from Ultra-Tool®

High-Velocity, Heavy Duty Indexable End Mill's by Mil-Tec®

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End Mill Range Expanded
Tool Alliance offers its Ultra-Tool 2014 catalog, which features information on the company’s Ultra-Tool cutting tool line, including its Monolith end mills.