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Company Profile

Since its inception in the 1930's when it was Japan's first company to develop a cemented carbide, Tungaloy has a long history of excellence in the development of materials for metal cutting tools and innovative industrial products.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Tungaloy ISO-EcoTurn

Smaller Economical Turning Inserts, Holders Maintain Same Performance
Tungaloy is expanding its economical ISO-EcoTurn turning insert and holder system to include VNMG inserts and holders.


Quick-Change Drilling Tool Line Gets New Diameter Range
Tungaloy is adding a set of tools with diameters ranging from 6.0 to 9.9 mm to its DrillMeister line.

Team Penske car

Cutting Tools Enable Team Penske to Perform More Aggressive Roughing
Team Penske's cutting tools caused extended cycle times in roughing performance racing parts. Tungaloy's DoFeed and TungMeister cutters reduced cycle times, the predictable tool wear easing unattended machining.

tungaloy DuoJustCut

Tooling Line Now Includes Threading Inserts, Round Shank Holders
Tungaloy is expanding its DuoJustCut line to include threading inserts and round shank holders to further its position in small-part machining industries.

Tungaloy DeepTriDrill

Small-Diameter Gundrills Offer Speed, Precision
Tungaloy has expanded its DeepTriDrill line of inserted indexable gundrills to include diameters ranging from 14 to 15.9 mm.

Tungaloy DrillMeister

Expanded Drill Series Eases Insert Replacement
Tungaloy has expanded its DrillMeister series of changeable-head drills.

Tungaloy BXA20

cBN Grade Roughs, Finishes Hardened Steel
Tungaloy’s BXA20 series, a new coated cubic boron nitride (cBN) grade for hardened steel, is designed to deliver predictable and long tool life in applications ranging from roughing to finishing, including descaling of case-hardened steel, which usually requires a large stock to be removed.

Tungaloy DrillForce-Meister

Large-Diameter Drills Mount without Removing Tool from Spindle
Tungaloy has expanded its DrillForce-Meister series of interchangeable-tip drills.

Tungaloy TetraMini-Cut

Cutting Tool for Grooving, Threading of Small Parts
Tungaloy Corp. introduces the TetraMini-Cut, designed to provide high-precision and quality in grooving and threading of small parts.

Tungaloy AH7025

Grooving Tool's Rigid Insert Clamping Prolongs Tool Life
Tungaloy introduces its AH7025 PVD grade for TungCut, a multifunctional grooving tool with two-cornered inserts.

Tungaloy DuoJustCut

Tooling for Parting Off on Swiss-Type Lathes
Tungaloy offers its DuoJustCut parting-off tool for Swiss-type lathes.

Tungaloy GNGA

CBN Inserts Prevent Chip Packing
Tungaloy’s GNGA series with T-CBN is a cubic boron nitride (cBN) insert designed as a solution for sudden insert failure and uncontrollable surface roughness due to poor chip control.

Tungaloy DoMiniTurn toolholder

Expanded Toolholders for Swiss-Type Lathes
Tungaloy has expanded its DoMiniTurn line of external toolholders for Swiss-type lathes.

EcoTurn small-insert series toolholders

Toolholders Accommodate Small, Durable Inserts
Tungaloy has expanded its range of internal and external toolholders for the EcoTurn small-insert series.

Tungaloy AM chipbreakers

Chipbreaker’s Design Accommodates Higher Speeds, Feed Rates
Tungaloy’s AM chipbreaker is designed to increase efficiency in the medium cutting of steel.

rubber gaskets to ship

The Cutter Affects Capacity
New machine tools allowed CTG to cut cycle time by 75 percent, but that wasn’t enough. Finding the right tool and process cut that cycle time further, giving the oil-industry manufacturer the capacity needed to support an important new product.

Tungaloy T515 grade

CVD-Coated Grade Delivers Chipping, Peeling Resistance
Tungaloy’sT515 CVD-coated grade features a substrate and coating structure that suits it to machining cast iron.

Tungaloy FW and SW chipbreakers

Chipbreakers Enable High-Feed Turning with Good Surface Finish
Tungaloy’s FW and SW chipbreaker inserts feature a wiper geometry that enables high-feed machining while maintaining high surface quality, resulting in improved productivity in general turning operations.

Tungaloy Opens Production Facility in Japan
Since becoming part of the IMC Group in 2008, Tungaloy has invested substantially in its manufacturing facilities in Japan.

Tungaloy inserts for DoOcto/DoQuad face mills

Positive Inserts Added to Face Milling Cutters Line
Tungaloy has expanded its range of positive inserts for its DoOcto/DoQuad series of face milling cutters with two new types of eight-cornered inserts: the OWMT-ML and OWMT-HJ.

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