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A Special Message from Tungaloy America, Inc.

New HMM & AH905 for Super Alloy Machining.  Maximize your Machining Productivity!

HMM Chipbreaker for Improved Machining

The combination of a superb (Al, Ti)N PVD coated grade and a well balanced chipbreaker produces outstanding wear and oxidation resistance with excellent tool life.

AH905 PVD Coated Grade

Optimum coating structure improves oxidation resistance and provides excellent wear resistance when super alloy machining.

Company Profile

Since 1987, Tungaloy America has rapidly emerged as a leader in the development and distribution of innovative cutting tool solutions for a variety of applications. Today, Tungaloy America has distribution nationwide including Canada and Mexico. The team concept has played a large part in Tungaloy America's ability to fulfill our primary objective: To provide operators with only the highest quality available, not only in the product itself, but also in the areas of customer service and product distribution.

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  • Chamfering Tools
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  • Drills
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  • Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
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  • Tool Blanks
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  • Tooling Materials, Carbides
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  • Turning Attachments

Deep Links

New Dopent Milling Series for Face Milling -

Dopent milling cutters feature pentagonal, double sided inserts with 10 cutting edges!  30% tool cost reduction compared to conventional four edge insert.  Wide clamping design provides insert stability and enables heavy cutting.

New Tecmill Series for Shoulder Milling -

Tecmill features unique tangential clamping dramatically improving cutting edge and body strength.  4-edged insert offers an economical advantage over conventional positive inserts, reducing tooling costs by 30%.

New Roundsplit Milling Series for Radial Machining -

New Roundsplit radial milling cutters featuring overlapping serrated cutting edges!  Provides very low cutting force and reduces chattering for long overhang applications!

New Tungquad Series for Square Shoulder Milling -

New highly efficient small diameter cutter-Tungquad!  Features excellent chip evacuation and designed with a large number of teeth to maximize feed rate.  Nickel plated body for extended body life and high durability.

New Tungrec Series for Shoulder Milling -

For various machining!  High productivity for semi-finish milling and high 90 degree shoulder accuracy.  Free cutting action due to high helical cutting edges and high axial rake angles.  3 types of chipbreakers for various applications.

As seen in MMS

Chipbreaker, Grade Offer Reliable Turning High-Temperature Alloys
Tungaloy has introduced the AH905 grade and HMM-type chipbreaker, specifically designed to optimize turning in high-temperature alloys.

Cartridges Accommodate More Applicable Inserts
Cartridges Accommodate More Applicable Inserts

Head-Changeable Drills Reduce Cycle Time
Tungaloy’s DrillMeister series of head-changeable drills are designed to offer the productivity of solid carbide drills with the economic and cycle time reductions associated with indexable drills.

Downsized Turning Inserts Maintain Performance
Tungaloy offers the EcoTurn series of small-sized, economical turning inserts said to limit resource consumption during insert production while providing ecological benefits.

Video: Should You Downsize Your Inserts?
A video from Tungaloy demonstrates how its EcoTurn turning inserts can provide a cost-effective alternative to larger inserts.

Series of Shallow Grooving Inserts Compatible with Existing Toolholders
Tungaloy offers the GTGN series of shallow grooving inserts with three cutting edges.

Redesigned Tool Provides More Stable Drilling
The TungSix-drill from Tungaloy Corporation will be on display at IMTS 2012. It is designed to enhance stability, increase tool life and provide reliable machining with a strong cutting edge.

Grade Features Positive Inserts for Difficult Turning
Tungaloy has incorporated a line of positive inserts into its AH905 grade for turning super alloys and other difficult-to-machine materials.

Buffet Considers Japanese Investment
Billionaire investor Warrant Buffet, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, recently said he is on the lookout for a “big investment” in Japan, although he stopped short of confirming concrete plans.   Mr.

Low Cutting Force Inserts and ToolHolders
For parts that measure less than 0.125" (3.18 mm) in diameter, Tungaloy America offers a series of high-positive, low-cutting-force, screw-down inserts and toolholders.

Steel Turning Grade
Tungaloy America’s T9100 steel turning series features CVD and PremiumTec coating for a highly polished cutting surface.

Complete Tooling Solutions
Tungaloy provides complete tooling solutions for metal removal and industrial products.

Coated Turning Grades for Increased Tool Life
Tungaloy America’s CVD-coated T9100 steel turning series features a “PremiumTec” coating, which is a special surface technology that gives the insert a highly polished cutting surface.

Face Milling Cutter
The DoPent pentagonal face milling cutter incorporates double-sided inserts with five cutting edges on each side.

Tools For Milling In Z
The fastest way to mill away a lot of material may be to attack it head on with a move in the Z direction.