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Since its inception in the 1930's when it was Japan's first company to develop a cemented carbide, Tungaloy has a long history of excellence in the development of materials for metal cutting tools and innovative industrial products.  The diverse range of products, including metal cutting tools, such as indexable inserts and steel products, wear resistant tools, civil engineering tools, and friction materials, are all based upon Tungaloy's expertise in powder metallurgy.  Tungaloy provides customers with products that serve as industry benchmarks.  The goal is to improve customer's productivity and cycle time to help reduce their overall costs and increase profitability.

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The GNGA series with T-CBN: CBN Insert in New Geometry

Iwaki / Japan, December 2015, Tungaloy Corporation is pleased to introduce the GNGA series with T-CBN, the newly designed CBN insert.

The T-CBN’s new GNGA series is the ultimate solution for sudden insert failure and uncontrollable surface roughness due to poor chip control. Compared with the conventional C type insert with an 80° cutting edge angle, the new GNGA insert’s uniquely designed 70° cutting edge angle can create larger clearance between the workpiece and the insert during machining. The optimized geometry provides smooth chip control, preventing machined surface damage by chip packing and sudden insert fracture due to chip jamming.

The GNGA inserts are compatible with existing ISO toolholders that hold CNGA 43.. type inserts and are available in grades: BXM20 and BX360 for hardened steel; BX470 for cast iron and powder metal; and BX930 for ductile cast iron.

FixRTurn, New Series of Round Inserts for Exact Indexing with 6RM & 6RS Chipbreakers

Iwaki / Japan, 17. December 2015, Tungaloy Corporation is pleased to introduce FixRTurn, the new series for turning operations that features round inserts and toolholders to simplify exact indexing.

With the conventional round insert for turning, the insert bottom and the pocket seat of the toolholder are usually made flat with no interlocking design, which makes accurate indexing difficult. Unpredictable insert life due to inconsistent indexing and reusing an already used corner are the common mistakes among the operators. FixRTurn is the solution to these problems. The star-shaped cavity on the insert bottom corresponds with the protrusion on the pocket seat providing simple and consistent indexing. Screws and inserts do not need to be removed from the toolholder when indexing, so there is no risk of dropping and losing the screws and the inserts.

The new chipbreakers include 2 types; 6RM for general purpose and 6RS for low cutting force. Index numbers are shown on the top surface to identify which corner to use and to prevent resetting and reusing an already used corner on the insert.

The inserts are available in CVD grades T9115 & T9125 and cermet grade NS9530, covering roughing to finishing operations for high productivity and efficiency in a wide range of turning applications.

TurnLine: Expansion of TungCut for Grooving and Parting

Iwaki / Japan, 2 February 2015, Tungaloy Corporation is pleased to announce the expansion of TungCut, the series for grooving and parting. Its vast product lineup and each item's ability to support multiple applications help customers meet their varying machining needs. TungCut’s economical 2-cornered inserts reduce tooling cost while the unique clamping system delivers stable tool life and machining accuracy. The new inserts and toolholders are added to the series to further improve customers' productivity in all industries.

The expansion includes DTX insert with 6 mm groove width; toolholders applicable for both external and face grooving; round shanks for grooving on the end face of a deep hole; and external grooving toolholders with new options of groove depths.

MillLine: Expansion of Positive Inserts for DoOcto, Face Milling Cutters

Iwaki / Japan, 28 January 2015, Tungaloy Corporation is pleased to announce the expansion of positive inserts for DoOcto, the series for face milling operations.

DoOcto / DoQuad has enjoyed a good reputation in the market since its release due to the economic advantages of double-sided inserts with multiple corners. The series now introduces 2 types of 8-cornered positive inserts applicable on the existing cutter bodies.

OWMT-ML insert is suitable for machining workpiece materials with low rigidity and difficult-to-cut materials, such as stainless steel and heat-resistant alloys, due to low cutting force and good chip control. OWMT-HJ insert is ideal for roughing large-sized workpiece materials with wide surface as it performs excellent chip evacuation at high feed. Plus, the inserts provide stable machining and long tool life, thanks to the new grade AH3135 with alternately stacked layers.

This expansion makes the lineup of the inserts of DoOcto / DoQuad 4 types, including the existing 2 types of economical double-sided inserts which are suitable for steel and cast iron machining, and now the series is applicable for a wider variety of face milling operations

TurnLine: Expansion of “ Round Shanks” for DoMiniTurn / External Line

Iwaki / Japan, January 8, 2015, Tungaloy Corporation is pleased to announce the expansion of the DoMiniTurn External Line with round shanks. The round shank can be used in a sleeve holder for main and sub spindles on automatic lathes increasing efficiency in external turning of miniature parts. Tungaloy’s double-sided DXGU inserts are applicable for this newly developed round shank.

DoMiniTurn is an innovative tool that is already well recognized in such industries as automotive, IT, and medical for its high functionality and productivity in small parts machining using an automatic Swiss lathe. These applications typically use one sided, positive inserts. With DoMiniTurn’s innovative double-sided insert geometry, the cutting force is maintained as low as that of a positive one sided insert while doubling the number of cutting edges, thus dramatically reducing tooling cost.

Responding to the market demand, 10 types of round shanks are available in different diameters and lengths for various machines. This addition of round shanks to the DoMiniTurn / External Line, combined with square shanks which are already available in the market, help increase customers’ productivity and provide significant cost reduction in a wide range of applications on automatic lathes.

MillLine: Expansion of “ Wiper Insert” for the High-Feed Cutter, DoFeed

Iwaki / Japan, 15. December 2014, Tungaloy Corporation is pleased to announce the expansion of the wiper insert for the high-feed milling cutter, DoFeed.

DoFeed features inserts with low cutting force and close-pitch cutter bodies. This series is especially popular in the die and mold industry for its ability to increase customers’ productivity.

Generally, high-feed cutting allows users to machine their workpiece materials efficiently but has a disadvantage in leaving a rough surface finish. Thus, subsequent processes, such as semi-finishing and finishing applications, are usually required afterwards. DoFeed was no exception; therefore Tungaloy added a wiper insert to solve this problem. It completely changes the common knowledge of high-feed cutting and upgrades the machining efficiency to an unprecedented level in the metalworking industry.

The new insert has a wide wiper edge in addition to the conventional main cutting edge. This combination provides excellent surface finish while maintaining the ability to machine at a high feed rate. As a result, the DoFeed wiper insert minimizes or even eliminates subsequent operations and drastically improves efficiency in the overall machining process.

The wiper insert also helps increase machining efficiency in the subsequent semi-finishing and finishing applications. With a rough surface finish, the depth of cut in the finishing operation varies greatly, and tool life becomes unstable. With a good surface provided by the wiper insert, such variation in subsequent processes is reduced and results in stable tool life as well as reduction in the number of tool changes and machine downtime.

DoFeed wiper insert is an innovative tool that solves a major problem many customers face with increased feed rates. The product provides outstanding surface finish in high-feed machining, which will ultimately help customers reduce their total manufacturing cost.

MillLine: TungFineBall, New Series of Indexable Endmills for High-Precision Finishing

Iwaki / Japan, 6 February 2015, Tungaloy Corporation is pleased to introduce TungFineBall, the new series of indexable endmills for high-precision finishing. The unique clamping mechanism, combined with the new coolant delivery system, makes it the best tool for machining die & mold and aerospace components.

The asymmetric insert shape secures rigid clamping and prevents the insert from dislocating. This mechanism helps provide excellent surface finish and stable, long tool life. The new coolant delivery system is also an innovative feature with TungFineBall. The insert has a coolant channel on the surface that delivers the coolant to the cutting edge from three directions, resulting in good chip evacuation and long tool life.

The series offers 2 types of inserts: ball nose and radius types; either of these two can be mounted on the same endmill. The shanks are available with steel and carbide in solid and modular type. These features make TungFineBall excellent for machining various materials, such as steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, and cast iron.

TungFineBall is the perfect series for high-precision finishing, and Tungaloy strongly suggests customers, especially in the die & mold as well as the aerospace industries, to try this innovative product to improve productivity in their machining processes.

Product Announcements Provided By Tungaloy America, Inc.


As seen in MMS

Large-Diameter Drills Mount without Removing Tool from Spindle
Tungaloy has expanded its DrillForce-Meister series of interchangeable-tip drills.

Cutting Tool for Grooving, Threading of Small Parts
Tungaloy Corp. introduces the TetraMini-Cut, designed to provide high-precision and quality in grooving and threading of small parts.

Grooving Tool's Rigid Insert Clamping Prolongs Tool Life
Tungaloy introduces its AH7025 PVD grade for TungCut, a multifunctional grooving tool with two-cornered inserts.

Tooling for Parting Off on Swiss-Type Lathes
Tungaloy offers its DuoJustCut parting-off tool for Swiss-type lathes.

CBN Inserts Prevent Chip Packing
Tungaloy’s GNGA series with T-CBN is a cubic boron nitride (cBN) insert designed as a solution for sudden insert failure and uncontrollable surface roughness due to poor chip control.

Expanded Toolholders for Swiss-Type Lathes
Tungaloy has expanded its DoMiniTurn line of external toolholders for Swiss-type lathes.

Toolholders Accommodate Small, Durable Inserts
Tungaloy has expanded its range of internal and external toolholders for the EcoTurn small-insert series.

Chipbreaker’s Design Accommodates Higher Speeds, Feed Rates
Tungaloy’s AM chipbreaker is designed to increase efficiency in the medium cutting of steel.

The Cutter Affects Capacity
New machine tools allowed CTG to cut cycle time by 75 percent, but that wasn’t enough. Finding the right tool and process cut that cycle time further, giving the oil-industry manufacturer the capacity needed to support an important new product.

CVD-Coated Grade Delivers Chipping, Peeling Resistance
Tungaloy’sT515 CVD-coated grade features a substrate and coating structure that suits it to machining cast iron.

Chipbreakers Enable High-Feed Turning with Good Surface Finish
Tungaloy’s FW and SW chipbreaker inserts feature a wiper geometry that enables high-feed machining while maintaining high surface quality, resulting in improved productivity in general turning operations.

Tungaloy Opens Production Facility in Japan
Since becoming part of the IMC Group in 2008, Tungaloy has invested substantially in its manufacturing facilities in Japan.

Positive Inserts Added to Face Milling Cutters Line
Tungaloy has expanded its range of positive inserts for its DoOcto/DoQuad series of face milling cutters with two new types of eight-cornered inserts: the OWMT-ML and OWMT-HJ.

Chipbreaker, Grade Offer Reliable Turning High-Temperature Alloys
Tungaloy has introduced the AH905 grade and HMM-type chipbreaker, specifically designed to optimize turning in high-temperature alloys.

Head-Changeable Drills Reduce Cycle Time
Tungaloy’s DrillMeister series of head-changeable drills are designed to offer the productivity of solid carbide drills with the economic and cycle time reductions associated with indexable drills.

Downsized Turning Inserts Maintain Performance
Tungaloy offers the EcoTurn series of small-sized, economical turning inserts said to limit resource consumption during insert production while providing ecological benefits.

Video: Should You Downsize Your Inserts?
A video from Tungaloy demonstrates how its EcoTurn turning inserts can provide a cost-effective alternative to larger inserts.

Series of Shallow Grooving Inserts Compatible with Existing Toolholders
Tungaloy offers the GTGN series of shallow grooving inserts with three cutting edges.

Grade Features Positive Inserts for Difficult Turning
Tungaloy has incorporated a line of positive inserts into its AH905 grade for turning super alloys and other difficult-to-machine materials.

Buffet Considers Japanese Investment
Billionaire investor Warrant Buffet, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, recently said he is on the lookout for a “big investment” in Japan, although he stopped short of confirming concrete plans.   Mr.