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Universal Robots. 

Precise. Collaborative. Easy to use. 

From the small machine shop to the auto assembly line, Universal Robots spans a multitude of industries. For anyone who makes a product and seeks to automate production, we can help you do it faster, easier, and more affordably. 

Company Profile

UR5 robot arm at Nymann Teknik, a machine shop in Denmark.

Universal Robots has reinvented industrial robotics with lightweight and flexible robot arms. The Danish-designed robots automate production in all industries – even in SMEs that regard automation as prohibitively expensive, cumbersome, and difficult to integrate. The robot arms require no safety shielding and are easily moved around to complete the most detailed tasks. Programming is done through an intuitive touch screen, eliminating the need for skilled programmers. The robots are sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

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Robotic Arms Feature Integrated Force Control
Universal Robots’ UR5 and UR10 robotic arms now include a force control feature integrated into the software to enable more complex automation processes, including flexible packaging, fragile products, and buffing or polishing applications.

Robot Rings NASDAQ’s Closing Bell
An industrial robot performed the task, which marked the launch of the world’s first index that benchmarks the value of robotics and automation.

Flexible Robot Arm Boosts Production
By incorporating Universal Robot’s UR5 robot arm into its production process, RSS Manufacturing & Phylrich was able to take on a new job and free 30 percent more capacity from existing machines.

Automation Without Enclosures
A new line of robot arms can safely function alongside personnel with no safety guarding in many cases.

Flexible Robots Useful for a Variety of Applications
Universal Robots offers a new type of robotic arm, designed to work alongside personnel with no need for safety fencing.