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Product Categories of U.S. Union Tool, Inc.

  • Diamond Tools
  • Drills
  • End Mills
  • Linear Guides
  • Thread Rolls & Dies

Trade Names

  • UT Coat

As seen in MMS

End Mills’ Diamond Coating Handles Cemented Carbide
U.S. Union Tool has developed a diamond coating for its Unimax UDCBF and UDCLBF tungsten carbide end mills to improve hardness and durability for cutting cemented carbide.

Diamond-Coated End Mill Cuts Cemented Carbide
U.S. Union Tool will display its UDC end mills for cutting cemented carbide.

Does Small-Hole Drilling Demand a Fast Spindle?
A reader with a 10,000-rpm drill press can drill a 0.019-inch hole in stainless, as long as all the contributors to runout are controlled.

Too Small To Touch
Hummingbird takes on machining work that is too small for most shops to handle. In fact, Hummingbird tries not to handle it either. To accurately machine the tiniest parts, this shop relies on processes that are as hands-off as possible.