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  • Comparators, Optical & Other
  • EDM, Ram Type (Die-Sinking) CNC
  • EDM, Wire Type
  • Electrode Materials, EDM Wire, & Supplies
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  • Superabrasive Machining Systems
  • Swaging Machines

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Grinding Machine Features Two Vertical Spindles
Vollmer's Vgrind 160 five-axis grinding machine was designed to produce solid carbide tools ranging from 2 to 20 mm in diameter, in conjunction with multi-layer machining.

Disc Erosion Machine for PCD-Tipped Tools
Vollmer’s QXD 250 disc erosion machine enables complete machining of PCD-tipped tools from measurement through polishing in a single clamping arrangement.

Vollmer of America Under New Leadership
The company has recently appointed a new president.

Six-Axis Machine for PCD Finishing
The QXD200 from Vollmer is a machine for finishing PCD tools. See it on display at IMTS 2012.

PCD Erosion Technology from Vollmer Decreases Processing Time
Vollmer of America's QXD200 is a programmable, six-axis, CNC machine designed for erosion of polycrystalline diamond (PCD).

Wire EDM with a Twist
Wire EDM units that swivel a horizontally guided electrode wire in a CNC-controlled E axis give this shop the workpiece clearance and flexibility to produce complex, high-precision PCD-tipped cutting tools.

Automatic Side Grinder for Machining Carbide-Tipped Circular Saw Blades
Vollmer's FS 2A grinds the flanks of carbide-tipped circular saw blades with diameters ranging to 810 mm.

Rotary Erosion Machine for PCD Finishing
The QXD 200 is the newest machine to feature the company’s technology for finishing PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tools.

Vollmer Marks Centennial
Vollmer of America (Carnegie, Pennsylvania), a provider of sharpening and eroding machines for tool production and maintenance, celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Since its founding, the company has evolved into a global entity with machines supplied to a variety of industries.

A Role For Rotary Erosion
A cutting tool manufacturer uses multitasking equipment that combines electrical-discharge grinding and conventional grinding to speed the production of diamond tools.

Multiple Axes Help Automate Blade Production


  • Horizontal Wire EDM on the Vollmer QWD 760

    The Vollmer QWD 760 features a horizontally guided wire that rotates on an E axis. An automatic probing system verifies orientation of PCD inserts before wire cutting.