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Paul-Lenz-Straße 1a
Friedberg, 86316 DE

Product Categories of voxeljet AG

  • Additive Production Equipment
  • Additive Prototyping Equipment
  • Direct Depositon Equipment
  • Foundry Equipment
  • Rapid Tooling Equipment

Trade Names

  • 3D printer VX1000
  • 3D printer VX200
  • 3D printer VX2000
  • 3D printer VX4000
  • 3D printer VX500
  • 3D printer VXC800

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Practicality & Possibility
Some of the technologies and applications on display at Euromold 2013 illustrated the possibilities for using additive manufacturing to manufacture functional parts.

Printed Sand Mold Used to Create Laminate Templates
Voxeljet has used one of its 3D printers to create a sand mold that is being used by students at Germany’s University of Bayreuth to build a laminate template for the seat of a race car.