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CAD/CAM Software Offers STL Tools
VX Corporation offers VX Version 14.4 of its CAD/CAM software.

Direct-Edit Shape Morphing Gets Speed Boost
 VX Corporation’s VX 2009 v14.2 contains enhancements to drafting, modeling and two through five-axis CAM.

Software Reduces Manufacturing Costs, Design Time
VX Corporation’s VX Evolution allows users to download VX Innovator with a free, 30-day license. The learning system, Show-n-Tell, allows users to learn and experiment on their own schedules and paces.

Software Updated With User-Driven Enhancements
VX Corporation offers the v14. 01 upgrade to VX 2009.

Expandable CAD/CAM With Built-In Learning Capabilities
The fully expandable VX 2009 CAD/CAM product from VX Corporation features Show-n-Tell, a built-in 3D learning system. These integrated 3D books allow users to learn CAD/CAM at their own paces and to grow the software as their needs change—all with instant access to learning tools.

Scalable CAD Solution
VX Corporation has released VX Innovator, a product designed to target entry-level CAD users. The scalable software is said to allow users to increase their CAD power, as needed, without investing in an entirely new application. According to the company, the software is a true hybrid modeler using modeling tools that are designed to work seamlessly with surface and solid geometry.

"Show And Tell" CAD/CAM Lessons
 VX Corporation has released its Show-n-Tell communication tool that is designed for on-screen, step-by-step lessons and to automate, design, review and markup 3D files. The tool is built into VX CAD/CAM. With the “Show-n-Tell” tutorials, there are no video drivers or codecs to install or reams of paper to print.

Milling Technology Machines Cavities And Pockets Without Breakage
Version 13 of SmoothFlow machining technology from VX Corporation is designed to reduce milling time and extend tool life with optimal material removal.

Software Offers New Design And Machining Features

Real-Time Analysis Quickens Design Process

Software To Machine From Non-Native CAD Models

CAD/CAM Software Features Enhancements For Mold Designers

Library Of Predefined, 2D Shapes Saves 3D Modeling Time