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A Special Message from YMT Inc.

 QUASER, European & Japanese Quality & Service without Premium Pricing

YSP, Ultra Reliable VTL
YSP, Ultra Reliable VTL

Ultra Reliable YSP CNC Vertical Turret Lathes Through YMT

YSP was established in 1983 to design and manufacture special application machine tools.

With consistent technological advancement and strict quality control, YSP has earned the CE and ISO-9001 certifications

and trusted by customers in over 40 countries around the world especially in Asia, Europe, and North America.


YSP has a wide range of VTL’s from an 8” chuck up to 32” Turret Type machines in single or twin configurations.


YSP also produces Ram style VTL’S with table diameter from 39” to 118”.

The Ram style machines are constructed with moveable cross rail clamping system for heavy cutting.

Combined with ATC from 12 tools up to 90 tools with mill drill C-Axis capability to satisfy your machining requirements.


Machines are in stock and ready for delivery.

For more information, please contact YMT Inc, or visit our website at


YMT Introduces High Performance HX Series Horizontal Machining Centers from QUASER

QUASER is one of the top machining center builders in Taiwan.  With continuous improvement in modem assembly techniques and design innovation, all machines are designed and built to meet or exceed European & Japanese qualities without Premium Pricing.

The QUASER line of CNC horizontal machining centers are available in wide range of capacities for every application.  HX504, HX505, HX635, and HX805 offers pallet size from 19.7” to 31.5”,  up to 15,000rpm, up to 40hp, & up to 240 tools ATC.  Standard 290psi coolant through spindle, chip wash down, dual chip augers,  chip conveyor, and much more.

One piece T-base frame design provides high rigidity.  Travel column design  for high static and dynamic accuracy.  High precision heavy duty Roller Linear Guides for highest position accuracy.  



YMT Introducess KAO MING KMC-4000SV-H 5-Face Machining Center

This double column vertical machining center is capable of handling oversized, heavy work pieces at an accuracy that is required for aerospace and die mold applications.

The bridge VMC offers travels of 142”X axis, 76” Y axis, x 30” Z axis. This machine combines the advantages of machining all 4 sides with the angular head attachment and machining the top face with the vertical  spindle head in one set-up.

AAC (Automatic Attachment Changer) is designed for improving productivity. The head is hydraulically clamped to the spindle by the Curvic coupling. The 30 HP / 3,500 rpm angular head can be indexed in 5 degree increments for complex work pieces.


Company Profile


YMT, Inc., a machine tool importer making its debut at the 2010 IMTS Exhibition featuring upper ranged machine tools including full lines of VMC, 5-axis machining centers and HMC from Quaser Machine Tool; full line of double column & Plano machining centers with 5 face capability from Kao Ming Machinery; and its own line of horizontal turning centers ranging from 8” to 18” chuck size. 
The goal is to provide top tier machining tools and complete manufacturing solutions to its North American customers.  Therefore continuing expansion of product lines to include vertical turning centers and CNC rotary tables will be on this year's agenda for the company as well.
YMT is headed by Richard Chen who has over 15 years of experience in machine tools industry. 

 "The US manufacturing industry has changed in the last 10 years.  Customers are  looking for machines with higher productivity, quality and precision.  Our company is dedicated to provide the right products and solutions to fulfill the customer’s needs.",   Richard explained 

Richard will diligently oversee the quality aspect of machine tools suppliers that his company represents. He has brought on board to his team Mr. Paul Custer who will be in charge in sales as the National Sales Manager in North America. 
Paul has had machining technology experience stretching over 35 years,  previously with YCI, Hwacheon and Mazak.

YMT is dedicated in providing high quality,  high performance machine tools and service to ensure customer satisfaction.


Product Categories of YMT Inc.

  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
  • Turn/Mill Machines, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Inverted Vertical, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Twin-Spindle/Twin-Turret
  • Turning Centers, Vertical, CNC
  • Universal Machining Centers
  • Vertical Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Vertical Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis

Trade Names

  • Quickjet
  • YMT
  • YSP


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Product Announcements Provided By YMT Inc.

Ultra Reliable YSP CNC Vertical Turret Lathes Through YMT

YMT Introduces High Performance HX Series Horizontal Machining Centers from QUASER

QUASER Vertical Pallet Changers

YMT Introducess KAO MING KMC-4000SV-H 5-Face Machining Center

As seen in MMS

March 2014 Product Spotlight: Machining Centers
This slideshow features the machining centers we cover in the Modern Equipment Review Spotlight section in our March issue.

Turning Center Supports Heavy Cutting Conditions
YMT’s TTL-20 high-speed 6" and 8" CNC turning center features a 30-degree true slant bed for increased stability and a lower center of gravity for more efficient chip disposal.

VMC Equipped with Moveable Crossbeam W Axis
Available from YMT, the KaoMing EP series Plano vertical machining center is equipped with a moveable crossbeam W axis with clamping on both sides for accuracy during heavy cutting.

Turning Center’s Slant Bed Improves Stability
YMT’s TTL-20 6" and 8" CNC turning center features a one-piece ribbed Meehanite casting and heavy headstock to withstand high-production cutting operations.

CNC Turning Center Increases Chip Removal Rates
YMT will showcase its compact, high speed TTL-20L CNC turning center featuring a 30-degree true slant bed with a one-piece, heavily ribbed Meehanite casting design.

CNC Flat Bed Lathe for Large Workpieces
Available from YMT, L&L Machinery Industry’s LL-series ultra-rigid CNC flat-bed lathe is designed for extra long and large workpieces.

Gantry-Type Machining Center Prevents Deformation
YMT’s Quickjet GTV-97 gantry-type machining center features a one-piece casting with a double-wall box design for a rigid structure that prevents deformation during machining.

Gantry-Type Machining Centers Offer High Speed, Precision
Available from YMT, the Quickjet GTV-97 gantry-type vertical machining center is designed for high speed, high-precision applications.

Five-Face Machining Center Offers Flexibility
Available from YMT, the Quaser MF500 five-axis machining center can accommodate a 19.7" × 11.8" maximum workpiece size.

Double-Column VMC Accommodates Taller Parts
YMT offers the KMC SR-H/SR series VMC from Kao Ming.

VMCs Support Heavy Machining
YMT's QV-179 and 209 VMCs feature a heavily ribbed Meehanite casting for stability.

Vertical Turning Lathes Available in Range of Configurations
Available from YMT, YSP’s line of CNC vertical turning lathes (VTLs) range from 8" chucks to 32" turret-type machines in single or twin configurations.

HMCs Available in a Range of Capacities
Distributed by YMT, Quaser’s HX series of CNC HMCs are available in range of capacities.

VMCs Feature Pallet Changers
The Quaser MV154 APC, which is a VMC that features 31.4" × 19.6" pallets, includes X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 27.5", 19.6" and 22", respectively.

Variety of Machining Centers on Display
Machines on display will include a line of VMCs, five-axis machining centers and a HMC from Quaser Machine Tool; a line of double-column and plano machining centers with five-face capability from Kao Ming Machinery; and the company’s own line of horizontal turning centers with chucks from 8" to 18."