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A Special Message from YCM Americas, Inc.

Exceeding Expectations at Every Opportunity


Advanced 5-axis Double Column Vertical Machining Center
  ■ High Rigidity Symmetrical Fork Type Structure Design
  ■ Universal Milling Head Achieves Perfect 3D Contouring Operations
  ■ HSK-A100 Taper Offers Max. Spindle Speed at 10,000rpm
  ■ Coolant Through Spindle System: 20 Bar
  ■ Direct Drive Motor Design on B/C Axis
  ■ Equipped with HEIDENHAIN Encoder
  ■ Direct Drive Gearbox Design and Roller Type Guideways on Three Axes
  ■ Extra Wide Column Base with Boots Design
  ■ 5-axis Simultaneous Control by HEIDENHAIN iTNC530


High Performance 5-axis Vertical Machining Center
  ■ 12,000rpm Max. Spindle Speed (15,000rpm opt.)
  ■ 22.5kW Max. Spindle Power
  ■ ø380mm Rotary Table Size; Max. 250kg Load Capacity
  ■ A-axis 150° Tilting (+30°~-120°)
  ■ C-axis Rotary 360°
  ■ 33.3 rev./min. A/C Axes Rotary Speed
  ■ ø80mm Hole through Rotary Table
  ■ 50sec./20sec. A/C Axis Indexing Accuracy
  ■ ±3sec./±2sec. A/C Axis Positioning Repeatability Accuracy
  ■ YCM-Made 4/5 Axes Rotary Table
  ■ Rigid Construction Design with Flexible Tilting Angle
  ■ Preparation of Wiring for Fixtures and Clamping
  ■ Equipped with Heidenhain i-TNC530 Control
  ■ Flexible with Robot System, Elevates Automatic Application Efficiency


 High Speed High Performance Drilling & Tapping Center
  ■ 10,000rpm Max. Spindle Speed (15,000rpm, opt.)
  ■ 500/400/300mm X/Y/Z Axis Travel
  ■ 48/48/48 m/min. X/Y/Z Rapid Feedrate
  ■ 1g Acceleration
  ■ Delta Structure Efficiently Absorbs the Force 
  ■ Extra Large Working Space, Capable of Fitting 4th Axis Rotary Table or Fixture 
  ■ Fast and Reliable ATC System; Tool Changing Time: 1.5sec. (T-T)
  ■ Extra Large Coolant Tank Design
  ■ PC-Based Control System 
  ■ Easy Maintenance Designs of Spindle and Tool Magazine 

Company Profile

YEONG CHIN MACHINERY INDUSTRIES CO. LTD. (YCM), founded in 1954, specializes in machine tools manufacturing. With more than half a century of manufacturing experience, YCM has established a strong foundation in the field of machinery and created a wide range of machine tools fulfilling diverse requirements. Throughout the excellent teamwork and leadership, YCM has been recognized as the CNC manufacturer with the biggest scale in Taiwan.

On March 1, 2010, YCM Americas, Inc. has been appointed the exclusive distributor for YCM in the United States. YCM Americas, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of YCM. The decision to set up a direct distributor in the U.S. was made to improve customer satisfaction and to provide better support to customers throughout the U.S. Looking toward the future, YCM will continue to develop new technologies and products to meet the demands of a dynamic industry.

Product Categories of YCM Americas, Inc.

  • Drilling & Tapping Machines, CNC
  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
  • Milling Machines, Bed-Type
  • Turn/Mill Machines, CNC

Trade Names

  • DCV2018A-5AX
  • DCV4035B-5AX
  • FV50T
  • FX380A-5AX
  • GT200,250,300
  • NDV102A
  • NFP500A-5AX
  • NFX500A-5AX
  • NH630B
  • NMV106A
  • NSV102A
  • NSV156A
  • NT-2500SY
  • NTV158B
  • NXV1680A
  • NXV560A-APC
  • TC-16B
  • TC26, 36
  • TC46 Big Bore
  • TCV2000a, 3000A
  • TCV3000A-5AF
  • TCV3000A-5AX
  • TV158B
  • XV1020A
  • YCM
  • YCM Americas, Inc.

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Product Announcements Provided By YCM Americas, Inc.

Always Challenging the Limits of Technology

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Five-Axis, Double-Column Vertical Machining Center for Complex Machining
YCM’s DCV2018A-5AX is a five-axis, double-column VMC well-suited for applications such as special circular machining, multi-angle machining, multi-face machining and curve machining in industries including automotive and die/mold, energy and aerospace.

VMC Resists Thermal Deformation
The high-performance NXV1680A vertical machining center from YCM offers extended travels and high rigidity for use in a range of industries.

VMC for Precision Die/Mold Applications
The NXV 1020AM vertical machining center from YCM Americas is designed for die and mold machining applications.

VMC Resists Thermal Deformation
The high-performance NXV1680A vertical machining center from YCM Americas is available with 12,000- or 15,000-rpm, 40-hp spindles.

High-Efficiency VMCs Maximize Spindle Life
The NTV158 series of vertical machining centers from YCM Americas is designed for moldmakers and job shops.

VMC Developed for Die and Mold Industry
YCM Americas offers the NTV158B, a high-efficiency, T-base VMC for die and mold applications.

HMC’s Oversized Guideways Boost Rigidity
Designed for high-production environments requiring high accuracy, YCM Americas’ H630B HMC incorporates oversize roller-type guideways for increased rigidity.

Precise Die/Mold VMC for Roughing and Finishing Operations
With a 12,000-rpm, 20-hp, low-vibration IDD spindle and a structure designed for high damping characteristics, the NDV102A VMC provides high accuracy and reduced vibration, according to manufacturer YCM.   The VMC’s 40" × 23.6" × 23.6" X-, Y- and Z-axis travels offer extra working capacity for larger die/mold requirements.

CNC Lathe with High Cost-Performance Index
YCM has expanded its TC series of high-performance, high-precision CNC lathes.

When to Mill Keeps Changing
Technology improvements steadily expand the range of tool and die parts that justify high speed machining.

YCM Marks 55-Year Milestone
This year marks the 55th anniversary of Taiwanese CNC machine tool manufacturer YCM-Yeong Chin Machinery Industries.

Double-Column VMC For Large Workpieces

Wire EDMs Designed For Precision, Rigidity

Double-Column VMC With Isolated Direct Drive

Machining Center With Large Y-Axis Capacity