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Industrial robotics systems are becoming increasingly important to shops of all sizes for their potential to help do more with less. Automation enables businesses to perform unattended and lights-out operations, free personnel from repetitive tasks, and more. This zone contains product information, videos and stories of companies using everything from robotic arms to machine-tending systems to completely automated cells in order to boost productivity and take advantage of robotics technologies.

Featured Zone Content


‘Collaborative’ Robot Works Safely, Comfortably Alongside Human Workers

The goal of Baxter's builder is to make U.S. manufacturing more globally competitive by making automation more affordable and easier to implement.

The Unexpected Advantages of Robotic Automation

This shop justified the robot solely through improved use of labor. Other benefits came to light after the automation arrived.

Reshoring, Robots and the New Factory Floor

By: Tony Deligio
Plastics processors are adopting robotics in a major way to compensate for a dwindling talent pool and reshored jobs.

No Cage Required

By: Peter Zelinski
The next frontier for robotic automation is near human workers.

ComauFlex: Automation as Strategy

By: Gary S. Vasilash
You can’t buy one. But you can buy into this approach to highly efficient automotive assembly automation.

Industry 4.0

By: Larry Turner
Industrial Automation North America 2014 and Motion Drive & Automation North America 2014 combine to introduce attendees to more than 170 global automation and motion control exhibitors.

The Key to Success

By: Mark Albert
It is clear that automation is becoming increasingly important to success in manufacturing. But what does it take to be successful in automation?

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