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Large-Part Machining
Large-Part Machining is here defined as the challenge of machining any part that is too heavy or bulky for a single human being to move the part to another location quickly, or too large to fit within the work zone of the most commonly available CNC machine tools. Parts such as these could apply to almost any industry, though aircraft, construction, power generation, and oil drilling are ready examples of industries that commonly have a need for very large machined parts. In large-part machining, much of the challenge has to do with performing as much of the work as possible in a single setup. Five-axis or 3+2 machining is often required to let a machining center reach many of the features of the part in a single setup. On-machine probing is another important resource, because the machine is often required to precisely locate the part prior to machining and may even inspect the part after machining is done.

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Large-Part Additive Manufacturing

These articles sample possibilities for additive manufacturing of large metal parts.

Building on the Right Foundations

One of the largest vertical turning and milling centers in the country will be installed in this Cincinnati-area job shop. Although installing the foundation for this huge machine was a massive undertaking, the company is building on other “foundations” as well.

repeating parts at WSI

Delivering Value in Program Production

A contract manufacturer specializing in ongoing production programs describes the investments involved in winning this work.

Minimizing Turnaround Times for Big Parts

The key to success (and the primary challenge) for any job shop is minimizing turnaround time for non-repeating work. This Indiana shop shares some of its strategies for reducing lead times for the various large-scale jobs it encounters.

The Million-Dollar Job

By: Peter Zelinski
A shop specializing in large parts describes the most expensive single order it ever shipped.

Video: Horizontal Boring Mill Turns 23-Foot-Diameter Part

By: Derek Korn
This shop leverages large-scale multitasking machines. Learn why, and see one of its horizontal boring mills turning a terribly big mining industry part.

Multitasking's "Big" Advantage

By: Derek Korn
As demonstrated at this Cincinnati-area shop, machines that both mill and turn shine brightest when workpieces are massive.

Taking Titanium Seriously

By: Peter Zelinski
Does titanium justify a machine that is engineered for this metal?

“CNC Retrofit” Often Means More

By: Matt Danford
This video testimonial provides an inside look at the myriad benefits Major Tool & Machine has realized from a new CNC platform—but like other, similar projects, implementing that platform required a complete motion system overhaul.

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