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5-Axis Auto Tuning System Replaces Manual Process in CNC Machines

Five-Axis Machining Center for Small Batch Production

Breton’s Ultrix 1000 RT HD high speed five-axis machining center is designed for small batch production of small- to medium-size workpieces such as wheels and rings ranging to 1,200 mm in diameter.

Five-Axis HMC Designed for Small Aerospace Parts

Makino’s a61nx-5E five-axis horizontal machining center is well-suited for the production of complex aluminum aerospace parts, including small components with 3D contours.

Five-Axis VMC Accommodates Tall Parts

The swivel-head design of Hurco’s five-axis VMX42SRTi features a flush rotary table that is embedded to provide an additional 3.5" of clearance in the Z axis for taller parts.

Double-Column Machining Center Reduces Setups

Okuma’s MCR-A5CII double-column machining center features multiple heads to machine all five sides of a part from a single setup.

Five-Axis Milling Machine for High Speed Operations

GF AgieCharmilles will highlight its five-axis HEM 500U featuring an optional Mikron handling system and Heidenhain control.

Five-Axis Machining Center Machines Complex Parts

Willemin-Macodel’s compact 308B five-axis machining center offers flexibility, thanks to its possibility to machine parts either from short barstock or in one piece.

High-Speed Milling of Small, Complex Parts

GF AgieCharmilles' Mikron HSM 200U LP (linear performance) milling machine is said to increase speed, efficiency, precision.

Five-Axis Machine for Continuous Milling

GF AgieCharmilles’ five-axis HEM 500U features a dynamic 12,000-rpm spindle and 30-tool magazine providing a chip-to-chip time of 2 sec.

CNC Machining Center for High-Precision Applications

The Kern ultra-precision Evo CNC machining center is equipped for three- to five-axis machining.

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