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What Does Additive Mean to You?

An interesting definition of “additive” from one shop was “anything that is outside the core product we manufacture or service we provide; ancillary services and technologies.” The response emphasized that, to this shop, additive equals value-adding...

Where the Puck is Going

The aim of the new "Additive Manufacturing" supplement is to help you understand a method of making parts that will soon be used more extensively.

Introducing "Additive Manufacturing," a New Publication from Modern Machine Shop and MoldMaking Technology

A new quarterly supplement to both magazines focuses on the production applications of equipment that builds parts layer by layer.

Q&A: Perspectives and Outlook

Inside insight on the moldmaking industry's challenges, strengths and growth potential.

New Business Opportunities: New Equipment Investment Solidifies Medical Mold Prototyping Niche

Investing in an additional high-speed machining center and converting to electric presses rather than hydraulic has allowed mold manufacturer/molder Injection Mold, Inc. (North Vernon, IN) to step up its game by speeding up already quick delivery ti...

Direct Metal Laser Sintering vs. Conventional Tool, Part Two

In this head-to-head comparison, conventional toolmaking seemed to be the superior route to go from a cost, quality and leadtime perspective.

Worldwide Review and Analysis of Additive Fabrication

SAn executive summary of the annual Wohlers Report that provides quantitative and qualitative analysis on the additive fabrication industry worldwide.

New RP Technology Reduces Costs, Leadtimes

A rapid tooling process has been developed using stereolithography (SL) and a nanocomposite resin, which can result in significant savings in both leadtimes and costs.

Fusion Process from Abroad Increases Mold Performance

A select laser melting process has been developed overseas involving the fusion of a metallic powder by a scanning laser to produce complex, intricate 3-D parts that could impact the U.S. moldmaking industry

Additive Manufacturing In Metal: New Option for Medical Applications

Parts produced by additive processes will require final machining or hand finishing, but allow significant flexibility in the manufacture of custom, short-run, complex or complicated-to-manufacture parts.

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