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Methods Event Debuts Additive Manufacturing Offerings

The company’s investments around its partnership with 3D Systems will help smaller manufacturers succeed with additive, Methods Machine Tools says.

Would You Rather Have a Paper Print or a 3D-Printed Prototype?

This custom cutting tool manufacturer uses a 3D printer to provide customers with a physical prototype to view and handle, not just a part print illustrating its complex design.

Is 3D Printing the Best Choice for that Prototype?

In some cases the answer is yes, but in others, machining may be the better option.

Growing Interest in Additive Manufacturing at EMO 2015

“Growing” parts or part features with additive manufacturing processes was a theme at EMO 2015. I caught a few examples while touring the halls at the fairgrounds in Milan, Italy, but I believe they are representative of industry's maturing perspect...

Additive Manufacturing Magazine Debut

Welcome to the new Additive Manufacturing magazine. I have been on the team publishing Additive Manufacturing as a small supplement to a few of our larger magazines, but this issue marks the debut of a standalone publication with a redesigned look, ...

Additive Manufacturing Conference Speaker: Nikki Kaufman

Nikki Kaufman, founder and CEO of Normal, will deliver a keynote at the AMC focused on her company’s production of custom earphones.

Re-Introducing Additive Manufacturing

If you’ve been a reader of Additive Manufacturing, the publication you receive is about to change. And if you’re not a subscriber, now is the perfect time to join us.

Additive Manufacturing Conference Speaker: Jay Rogers

The Local Motors CEO will be one of the speakers at the October 20-21 conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, focusing on industrial applications of additive manufacturing.

3D Printing for Space Station Freezer Interior

For a freezer to be used in orbit, growing the interior structure in one piece eliminates joining and brackets to maximize the space efficiency of this space-borne appliance.

One Week to Take Additive Manufacturing Further

A 5-day advanced course at the new Additive Manufacturing Competency Center is aimed at quickly advancing the knowledge and effectiveness of current AM users.

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