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Additive Manufacturing’s Opportunity in One Word

I want to say just one word to you: brackets.

Additive Manufacturing for In-House Tooling

One of the benefits of having additive manufacturing capability in-house is that it gives the manufacturer an efficient resource for quickly producing custom devices for use in its own processes.

Latest Issue of AM: Seeing is Believing

A photo essay documents the types of parts that are possible with an additive production process. The parts come from a medical manufacturing company that is now using additive manufacturing to create implants and instruments that would have been im...

After the Hype, the Promise Remains

I had assumed that writing about manufacturing technology would always mean writing about topics that few people appreciate. Then came additive manufacturing.

Obstacles to the Adoption of Additive Manufacturing

Renishaw was a user of additive manufacturing before it became an OEM supplying additive manufacturing technology—specifically, laser melting systems for producing metal parts. For a metrology company to diversify into additive manufacturing machine...

Rapid Show Reveals Interest in Additive Manufacturing for Production

Interest in additive manufacturing was evident at last week’s Rapid show in Pittsburgh.

Video: Additive Manufacturing at GE Aviation

This video from GE Aviation featuring company president and CEO David Joyce, as well as Greg Morris of the company’s Additive Development Center, describes the company’s plans for additive manufacturing and the advantages it sees in pursuing this te...

Additive Manufacturing’s Benefits Are Real

Ed Morris, director of the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, spoke at last week’s Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. His presentation identified benefits of additive manufacturing that are imp...

What is Additive Manufacturing?

For those who have heard the terms “3D printing” and “additive manufacturing” without knowing precisely what they refer to, AMT created a graphic depicting how the additive manufacturing process works.

Optimizing Mass and Material

Most machined parts have more material than necessary. This is true even after all of the cutting is finished.

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