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Published: 2/1/2017

Video: Update on Hybrid Manufacturing
Greg Hyatt of DMG MORI discusses hybrid manufacturing, the strategy that combines subtractive and additive processes.

Published: 1/25/2017

Three Design Strategies for Additive Manufacturing
It’s possible to reproduce existing designs via metal additive manufacturing. But the greatest benefits come from designing intentionally with additive in mind.

Published: 1/5/2017

Pairing Additive Manufacturing with Topology Optimization for Diesel Engine Support Redesign
Topology optimization tends to increase geometric complexity. This isn't a challenge for additive manufacturing.

Published: 1/4/2017

3D Printing with Postprocessing in Mind
3D printing requires different finishing considerations than traditional manufacturing. One expert offers do’s and don’ts for approaching the finishing of additively manufactured parts.

Published: 12/26/2016

Reducing the Weight of a Robot Actuator
A metal additive manufacturing process reduced the weight of a hydraulic actuator, leading to a better performing component.

Published: 12/20/2016

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Machine Steps up in Size
The bigger size of this combination milling/laser-metal-sintering machine could enable it to enter new markets.

Published: 12/20/2016

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Additive Manufacturing
When it comes to additive manufacturing there has been increased interest and use of several additive technologies, such as laser cusing of steel, hybrid additive machines, 3-D printing of plastic parts and conformal cooling. Here is a snapshot of ...

Published: 12/19/2016

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?
Is the end result of metal AM worth the effort it requires? Students of UL AMCC learn to ask this question at every stage in the process.

Published: 12/14/2016

Consolidated Clamping Assembly Made with Additive Manufacturing
Metal additive manufacturing made it possible to condense a three-part clamping assembly into a single piece.

Published: 12/14/2016

Biomimicry: Nature’s Way of Cooling Tools with DMLS
Research leveraged biomimicry, a design method based on structures and systems found in nature, to develop a better mold.

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