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Video: 3D Printing with Carbon Fiber

Make parts as strong as metal on a desktop machine, the company says.

See 3D Printing in Action

During amerimold expo 2014 this June 11-12 in Novi, Michigan, exhibitor Linear Mold & Engineering will be offering a Destination Tour to see its 3D printing in action at its DMLS Division.

Why Make a Bike Frame through Additive Manufacturing?

One reason to make a bike frame through additive manufacturing processes is that unnecessary weight disappears. The 3D printed frame is two-thirds the weight of the previous version. Other advantages relate to design freedom and the performance of t...

Video: Additive Manufacturing in Extreme Application

NASA’s test of a rocket engine fuel injector made through selective laser melting illustrates an additively produced part’s capacity to perform at high temperature and pressure.

On Pinterest: Design for Additive Manufacturing

Arguably the most important thing to know about additive manufacturing is that it changes the rules of design. See how a Pinterest user is making this point.

Sand Printing’s Side Benefit

A pattern maker is now able to skip the pattern by printing foundry mold components directly in sand. This figurine is a byproduct of the way the company batches the sand-printing jobs for greater efficiency

Additive Manufacturing February 2014 Digital Edition

Articles describe a CNC machining business’s move into additive production, plus AM technologies seen at the recent Euromold show.

Enabling Factors for Additive Manufacturing

In an interview with GE Capital, GE Global Research Center technology director Christine Furstoss was asked what factors will determine the speed of adoption of additive manufacturing into mass production applications. She described four.

MC Machinery Systems to Offer Matsuura Lumex Additive Manufacturing Machine

MC Machinery Systems, the Wood Dale, Illinois-based supplier of EDM machines, machining centers, press brakes, and laser and waterjet machines, has announced a partnership with Matsuura Machinery Corp. to introduce Matsuura’s Lumex Avance-25 additiv...

GE Contest Winner: The Most Strength with the Least Weight

GE recently announced the winner of its Jet Engine Bracket Challenge. The challenge involved a bracket to be shifted from CNC machining to additive manufacturing. Machining limits design options, but additive manufacturing offers complexity for free...

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