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Your Shop, Too, Will Have a 3D Printer

In the future, we will take it for granted that a small 3D printer is among the resources routinely used by machining job shops.

Hope to See You in Knoxville!

Come to our Additive Manufacturing Conference, October 20-21, co-hosted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The sole focus of the conference is industrial parts and tooling.

Making Good Parts Even Better

You’ve made your 3D-printed part, now how do you ensure that it meets standards for quality and function?

Material Differences

Additive manufacturing demands different thinking about the metal stock.

Championing AM

Join forces with local groups to learn and apply new technology, and help make your state a leading center for manufacturing.

You Are Here

Different types of additive machines are at different places along the curve of technology’s adoption.

Join Me at the Additive Manufacturing Workshop

At IMTS, learn from manufacturers who are applying 3D printing in production.

Is AM the New Enabling Technology?

Additive manufacturing can move industrial arts to digital manufacturing and into the hands of the next-generation workforce.

Believe the Hype

Technology and service providers invested in additive manufacturing have taken the hype and brought it to practicality.

The Additive Future

If additive manufacturing of end-use parts becomes routine, the ways we think about industrial production will change.

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