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Lattice Generation Software Advances Bike Component Design

Smart Aero Technology's bike stem design needed to be optimized for additive manufacturing. The ScanIP software from Simpleware reduced the stem's weight, increasing its strength.

Putting Safety First Adds Up

Recognizing several years ago that too many of its machinists were getting bruised and cut from bumping against boring bars and other sharp tools inside its lathes, this company was prompted to look for a simple way to cover these tools and protect ...

3D-Printed Tooling Speeds Manufacturing of Cutting Tools

Knight Carbide's insert delivery times had to wait on custom tooling, so they acquired a Mojo desktop 3D printer from Stratasys make their own. Lead times for insert carriers were shortened from weeks to just six hours.

The Intersection of Laser Sintering and EDM

For this moldmaker, wire EDM helps streamline production of inserts that are “grown” with cooling lines already inside.

Building Olympians, Layer by Layer

Personalized swords manufactured through 3D printing helped the Japanese fencing team take home the Silver in the 2012 Olympics.

A Spin on Additive Manufacturing

A DMLS system from EOS enables Kappius Components to make design changes to their bike hub while experiencing reduced lead time and improved material strength.

Success with Conformal Cooling Using Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Featured project from Phillips Plastics. The design for the DMLS conformal cooling tool insert incorporated channels that were designed to quickly and evenly cool individual cavities within the piece, which would not have been possible with conventi...

Single Supplier Eases Move from Prototype To Production

Redfish turns to Quickparts for instant quoting and low-volume injection molding.

3-D Printing Provides New Options for Prototyping, Moldmaking

Case Study / Additive Manufacturing.

Bridging the Gap between Prototyping and Final Steel Production Tooling

SL modeling and rapid tooling methods combine to produce durable epoxy injection molds that generate production-quality parts in record time.

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