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When to Waterjet, When to Mill

A composite parts manufacturer in Nebraska recently installed a combined five-axis waterjet/milling machine to position itself to win large-scale aerospace work it sees on the horizon.

Video: Additive Manufacturing in Extreme Application

NASA’s test of a rocket engine fuel injector made through selective laser melting illustrates an additively produced part’s capacity to perform at high temperature and pressure.

TRAM Returns to IMTS 2014, Announces Keynote Speakers from Boeing

The targeted aerospace conference takes place September 10-11, 2014, and will kick off with a presentation from the Vice President of Research and Technology at Boeing.

Cryogenic Machining Avoids the White Layer

According to 5ME, a recently discovered benefit of cryogenic machining is that it prevents the formation of an untempered martensitic “white layer” on the machined surface.

GE Contest Winner: The Most Strength with the Least Weight

GE recently announced the winner of its Jet Engine Bracket Challenge. The challenge involved a bracket to be shifted from CNC machining to additive manufacturing. Machining limits design options, but additive manufacturing offers complexity for free...

How Would You Make This Bracket Better?

When design constraints are taken away, what does the very best design for a given application look like?

Video: Additive Manufacturing at GE Aviation

This video from GE Aviation featuring company president and CEO David Joyce, as well as Greg Morris of the company’s Additive Development Center, describes the company’s plans for additive manufacturing and the advantages it sees in pursuing this te...

Event Highlights Solutions for Aero Structural Parts

The thin walls and deep pockets common to structural aerospace parts make machining challenging. A recent event at Makino’s U.S. headquarters highlighted solutions for effectively machining such tricky aluminum and titanium components.

Survey Shows Positive Outlook on North American Manufacturing recently released the results of its MFGWatch survey targeting 8,840 sourcing professionals throughout North America. The results indicate that 2013 is going to be a year of growth.

Optimizing Mass and Material

Most machined parts have more material than necessary. This is true even after all of the cutting is finished.

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