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Optimizing Mass and Material

Most machined parts have more material than necessary. This is true even after all of the cutting is finished.

Replacing Broaching with Milling

Trochoidal milling is a toolpath technique generally applied to increase tool life or material removal rate in hard metals. Manufacturing solutions provider Iruba also relies on this approach to make a shaped milling tool effective.

90 Cubic Inches Per Minute in Titanium

Mag says its XTi super profiler is designed to remove metal at impressive rates. Its first two machines are are being used for aerospace applications.

Setup Time Savings from a Long X Axis

Bertsche Engineering developed the X-Flex Center to replace three standard-size machining centers.

In Aerospace, More Capacity Will Be Needed

Boeing is considering raising its production target for the 787 Dreamliner.

Cryogenic Machining of 787 Fuselage

Starting early next year, Boeing South Carolina will mill and drill composite fuselage sections for the 787 Dreamliner through cryogenic machining.

Big Ben! Parliament! Advanced Manufacturing!

The Rolls-Royce Trent 900 aircraft engine, which made its debut in the Advanced Manufacturing Center display at IMTS 2010, was recently displayed in front of the House of Parliament as an example of high-value manufacturing.

Milling HRSAs: The Checklist

When milling super alloys, there are certain process requirements that must be observed.

Nesting Creates a Milling Challenge

This job shop uses remaining steel stock to hold a mated pair of aircraft parts.

From Markers to Lasers

As aircraft manufacturers are building bigger planes, they’re looking for the ways to reduce weight.

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