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Published: 7/15/2001

Machining Center Meets The Production Needs Of The Aerospace Industry
Today, Metalcraft is recognized throughout the aerospace industry as one of the foremost manufacturers of complex structural components and integrated assemblies. The company has built thousands of airframe assemblies and details for the top aerospa...

Published: 5/15/2001

Process Reduces Cycle Time For Aircraft Blade Refurbishment
The refurbishment of aircraft engine turbine blades is important to aircraft owners and operators because of the high original cost of the component.

Published: 4/15/2001

Program Configures Complex Fixtures
Klune Industries is a $30-million, 170-employee job shop that produces products such as bomb racks, missile sections and numerous other complex structural components for both military and commercial aerospace applications.

Published: 9/15/2000

Bringing Toolholders Up To Speed
For the Wichita, Kansas, division of aircraft manufacturer Boeing, one aspect of effective high speed machining is finding the right balance. The division machines aluminum at speeds ranging from 15,000 to 40,000 rpm. To cut at these high speeds as ...

Published: 7/15/2000

Universal Grinder Takes The Heat Out Of Brake Servo Production
Dunlop Aviation Braking Systems was looking to replace outdated machinery and to gearup the match grind cell of its brake system manufacturing module.

Published: 11/15/1999

Aerospace On A Diet
The difficulty of close tolerance finishing in both high temperature alloys and titanium is particularly real in the Aerospace industry, where thinwall construction is becoming more common. Read how an insert gave this shop an edge.

Published: 3/15/1999

High Speed Machining Helps Modernize Bulkhead Manufacturing
Raytheon Aircraft recently decided to set the competitive standard rather than follow it. In turn, the company is modernizing its manufacturing plants and processes to ensure continuous improvement.

Published: 11/1/1997

Aerospace Manufacturer Produces 'Perfect' Pins To Secure Arrays
Imagine the space shuttle delivering a space station payload into orbit when suddenly, the locking mechanism holding the 100-foot-long array of solar panels fails, and out pops the entire solar panel array.

Published: 10/1/1997

Aerospace Contractor Makes Chips Really Fly
With the recent surge in commercial aircraft orders and the continuation of major defense programs, the demand on aerospace suppliers has never been greater. In some cases, lot sizes have become smaller, requiring suppliers to be more flexible. Here...

Published: 4/1/1996

Aerospace Lathe Shop Finds VMCs Enhance Commercial Work
There's no trick to reducing cycle time. It's simply a matter of knowing what tools to use for which parts.