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Published: 4/17/2007

Internal Threading Solution Supports Broken Tibias
To find a cutting tool that would replace time-consuming manual work to fulfill a 4,000-part order, Albert Keller of Keller Engineering sought out cutting tool experts at Emuge Corp.

Published: 2/27/2004

Custom Collets Help Blind Bolt Shop Maintain Part Quality And Concenctricity
For their larger diameter fasteners, this manufacturer uses a custom-manufactured collet to control part quality and concentricity.

Published: 9/1/2003

Looking For Solutions In New Places
When this shop needed a new turning center to produce small parts quickly, it looked to the Haas Mini Lathe for the solution.

Published: 12/15/2002

Harley Davidson Parts Manufacturer Mills A 'Mile Of Aluminum'
This designer and manufacturer of Harley-Davidson aftermarket motorcycle engines and related components, is using PCD milling to finish engine cases, oil pumps, rocker boxes, inner and outer primary engine covers, and transmission cases and covers.

Published: 7/15/2002

Aviation Component Supplier Cuts Setup Time With Productivity Partnership
This shop turned to a tool supplier to help cut milling time on one alloy steel hydraulic body by 63 percent. The success led to a broader Productivity Improvement Program that identified some $87,000 in potential annual savings, and ultimately to a...

Published: 5/15/2002

Advanced CNC Programming Methods Help Manufacturer Meet Tight Deadlines
Nearly every aircraft is prone to tiny cracks that begin at holes used to insert fasteners and that, if not addressed, can eventually migrate from one hole to the next and cause structural failures.

Published: 12/15/2001

Preventative Maintenance Programs Head Off Downtime Before It Starts
In today's intense marketplace, the conventional wisdom of don't fix it if it isn't broken no longer prevails as major manufacturers realize they cannot afford sudden misalignment and unplanned downtime with their major machine tools.

Published: 12/15/2001

Machine Tool Coolant Racing To Save Time And Improve Quality
As a former racecar driver, Jon Horgas is well aware that raw horsepower alone does not guarantee victory, and the fastest car does not always finish first. It takes a combination of finely tuned aerodynamics and suspension, fuel mixtures and gear r...

Published: 7/15/2001

Machining Center Meets The Production Needs Of The Aerospace Industry
Today, Metalcraft is recognized throughout the aerospace industry as one of the foremost manufacturers of complex structural components and integrated assemblies. The company has built thousands of airframe assemblies and details for the top aerospa...

Published: 5/15/2001

Process Reduces Cycle Time For Aircraft Blade Refurbishment
The refurbishment of aircraft engine turbine blades is important to aircraft owners and operators because of the high original cost of the component.

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