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Turning Is Optional

The part requires only milling and drilling, but it is still run on a lathe. Except for the cutoff tool, all of the turret positions on this lathe hold rotating tools. In other words, turning is not essential for using a lathe effectively. This appl...

A 'HOLE' New Ballgame With Multi-Spindle Honing Systems

Automating the honing process is key to high-volume precision bore production with sub-micron accuracy.

Challenges In Cutting CGI

Compacted graphite iron is increasingly used for diesel and racing engine components. The choice of cutting tool can dictate how effective shops are able to machine this challenging material.

Lose The Peaks, Leave The Valleys

Plateau honing improves cylinder wall surface finish by gently removing tiny peaks of torn or folded material. Ball-style honing tools are commonly used to produce this desirable finish.

Machine Tools Used As Dedicated Equipment…For A Little While

Two keys to this shop’s success are versatility and speed. It uses flexible machining centers, rather than dedicated equipment, and constantly reconfigures them into new cells for new jobs. The speed at which it can do this, in addition to in-house ...

When Four Spindles Make Sense

For the right applications, four-spindle CNC chuckers offer practically zero delay for part loading. That’s because two spindles can be loaded while the other two are making chips.

Becoming More Than The Mom & Pop Race Shop

Carney Custom Machining started with a VMC and customer base largely comprised of drag racers. Now the shop is vying to win work from other sources, and CNC turning is a big part of that strategy.

Machining And Racing

A visit to an automotive racing trade show revealed how some machining technologies are being applied to the production of hard core racing components.

For Plateau Honing, Consider Ball Style

The ball-style hone is a specialized abrasive tool that is instantly recognizable by its unique appearance. For engineers in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and machining industries, this application-engineered hone, characterized by the sm...

An Analytical Approach To The Outsourcing Decision

The decision to manufacture in-house or send work overseas should not be based solely on labor cost. After an honest evaluation of its machining processes, this OEM found it was more profitable to bring work back in-house.

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