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Bore Finishing Machine Increases Uptime

Tight tolerances are extremely important in gear manufacturing, and even more so when those gears are used in performance motorcycle transmissions. The ability to manufacture as competitively as possible is also a critical factor to consider.

Auto Supplier Uses System To Gage Thread Depth And Reduce Costs

Each of the thousands of output axle shafts machined by American Axle&Manufacturing (AAM) (Detroit, Michigan) has at least six mounting holes, permitting the half shaft to be bolted securely to the flange. The proper location, depth and thread i...

Automotive OEM Employs Shopfloor CMMs To Improve Process Control

GM expects first-time quality from transmissions manufactured at this major manufacturer, which are shipped directly to the GM assembly line. There are no incoming quality checks or receiving inspection routines.

Toolholders Fuel Setup Time Reduction

This Indiana shop has been a precision automotive parts supplier to Honda America since it began operations in 1988. Among its precision machined products are fuel intake manifolds for Honda Civics, Accords and V6 sport utility vehicles. IPT produce...

Software Charges CMMs

Eagle Manufacturing is a supplier of engine components to Ford Motor Company and Navistar International, a leading manufacturer of trucks, school buses and midrange diesel engines. Eagle’s 120-person facility produces cylinder heads, connecting rods...

Checking Fixtures Built With Seamless Epoxy Paste

This company has realized significant time savings by developing outer and inner checking fixtures for a truck manufacturer using a combination of fiberglass and epoxy.

Linear Motors Shorten Production Time

Linear motors account for part of the reason why DaimlerChrysler's Stuttgart, Germany, manufacturing facility has been able to nearly double the productivity of machining centers producing automotive cylinder heads.

Three Steps To Succeed As A Minority Automotive Supplier

Some shops would measure a productivity improvement in terms of the extra capacity freed up on a given machine tool. Texas Arai measures its productivity gains in terms of the number of machines it no longer needs.

Ontario Manufacturer Is Driving For Success

Engineers at EXCO were working on a die cast die used to produce the three-liter front wheel drive transmission case for Ford. Similar to work they done before, but this time, they wanted to go straight to steel. 'This was the first job they used co...

Data Translator Eliminates Auto Supplier's Problems In Reading Customer Files

By using the C-TAD Integrator, an automotive supplier is able to convert IGES files produced by the various CAD systems of its customers into a target system without the loss of data.

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