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Exploring the: CAM for Die/Mold Zone

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Making Sense Of Model Data

Designs often arrive incomplete downstream. There may be no changing that. But these tools can reduce the amount of time spent on reworking customer models.

Delcam's Transition Reflects Trends in Tool Making

Mold and die makers familiar with Delcam, the UK-based software company probably associate that company with Duct, the CAD/CAM system for complex 3D forms. Users of Duct form an elite but loyal group. The system is difficult to master, but most who ...

Race To The Rocket

Integrated CAD/CAM software helped this custom-car shop bring five-axis machining in-house to create a one-off concept racer.

In Capable Hands

Putting NC programming and faster machine tools in the hands of machinists has helped this leading mold shop cut weeks out of the tool building cycle.

Find The Time

This mold shop shows where to look. Faced with tighter lead times, it achieved faster workflow by using existing machinery and manpower in more efficient ways.

A Solid Footing

When a manual pattern maker stepped up to CNC machining, he needed a simple way to write tool paths for his complex patterns. He found it. He also found a source of revenue he never anticipated.

Interpolating Curves

The ability to import complex curves into CNCs promises to let shops finally get beyond old limitations imposed by contouring with linear interpolation. Faster and smoother cutting will be the result.

Programming For High Speed Machining

You'll have to change your NC programming strategy for high speed machining. Here are some quick tips, and some features to look for in your CAM system.

Moving 3D Programming To The Shop

New CAM systems are not just making shopfloor programming of 3D mold cores and cavities practical, they're making it easy. Here's a look at the technology and how two Detroit tool shops are making off-line and shopfloor programming work together.

Machining In Circles

By converting conventional point-to-point contouring programs to arcs, shops are slashing program lengths, boosting average feed rates, and getting better surface finishes.

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