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Published: 2/15/2001

Software Streamlines Mold Production
The design and manufacture of injection mold tooling for plastics connectors can be extremely complicated, with many of the forms, profiles and angles required on these small components being particularly intricate.

Published: 1/15/2001

Five-Axis Mold Making Software Keeps Tires Rolling
Unless it goes flat, a tire is something most of us take for granted. In fact, the process of making a tire is very specialized and is becoming more sophisticated all the time.

Published: 7/15/2000

Working With Customers--And Vendors
Apex Mold and Die was preparing to purchase its second Sharnoa CNC machine. At the time, Sharnoa was working with TekSoft to integrate ProCAM software into the machine's PC-based controller. That enabled Sharnoa users to create the cutter paths at t...

Published: 6/15/2000

Software Package Helps Cut Up To 50 Percent Off Tooling Delivery
Speed. For production companies, this simple word can mean the difference between keeping customers--and losing them.

Published: 5/15/2000

Stepping Up To 3D Machining
This shop owner had an old 2D CAD/CAM system that was adequate to machine 2D parts, and although he was very adept at using this system, he knew that more complex parts would require a different approach. He then made a conscious and deliberate deci...

Published: 4/15/1999

Company Provides Fast Turnaround For Molds For Sunglasses
Bausch and Lomb, the optics manufacturer, needed aluminum rapid prototype molds for the introduction of its Inertia Combo Ray-Ban sunglasses line. The schedule allowed for less than four weeks from completion of the geometry to the first molded plas...

Published: 4/15/1998

CAM Smoothes Project's Ups And Downs
An in-depth look at how a CAM package, along with talent and experience, were applied successfully to a challenging mold job.

Published: 4/15/1998

Computer Technology Shortens Lead Times For California Manufacturer
A little over two years ago, this company recognized the importance of having complete capabilities to receive and utilize electronic design files. They utilized several technology methods to reach their objectives.

Published: 5/1/1997

CAM And California Manufacturer Aim For 'Any Mold In Ten Days'
If self threading screws, accumulated out-of-tolerance buildup, warpage, impact resistance, cosmetic appearance, assembly to other parts and snap fits are not perfect, it's the scrap bin for expensive production.

Published: 3/1/1997

Creating Prostheses From Existing IGES Surface Models, Blueprints
The process of melding digitized data with orthographic data to create a new product can be a process fraught with headaches. And it requires having the right equipment to get the job done.

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