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CAM Software Standardizes, Automates Programming

By encapsulating repetitive procedures and best practices into easy-to-execute routines, CAM software has enabled this shop’s employees to stay focused on value-added tasks, facilitated its efforts to automate production, and contributed to improved...

CAM System Simplifies Swiss-Type Lathe Programming

To reduce setup times, this medical device manufacturer replaced its conventional CNC turning and milling machines with Swiss-type lathes. However, taking full advantage of these complex machines’ capabilities required another investment—Esprit CAM ...

Toolpath Engine Benefits Extend Beyond Cycle Time

Available from Celeritive Technologies, VoluMill is a plug-in toolpath engine designed to maintain a constant load on the cutting tool and enable machines to operate at peak efficiency. However, as the experience of this firearms manufacturer demons...

CAM Features Facilitate Five-Axis “Hog-Outs”

A point of pride for this shop is its ability to take on projects others wouldn’t touch. Recently, capabilities within Mastercam CAM software enabled the company to overcome challenges with a difficult aerospace component and, more significantly, to...

CAD/CAM Systems Drive Efficient Porting Routines

Delcam’s PowerShape design software and PowerMill machining software help this performance racing component manufacturer meet targets for accuracy and efficiency during engine porting operations.

New CAM Feature Halves Roughing Time

New plunge roughing routines in GibbsCAM software have dramatically increased productivity at these Midwestern discrete parts manufacturers.

Software Switch Leads To Improved Surface Finishes

MSI Products, a division of Dixie Iron Works (Alice, Texas) faces the challenge of building products with complex geometries for the oil- and gas-producing industries in relatively low volumes. The company struggled with programming software that wa...

CAM Software Improves Speed-To-Market For Job Shop

As technology progressed, this shop's CAD/CAM software became outdated, and the company needed a more advanced system. The owner wanted a system that anyone in the company could feel confident using without extensive training.

Orthodontist Turns To CNC Swiss To Manufacture His Device

This orthodontist decided to take the plunge into CNC Swiss after having difficulty finding job shops with the machining time to make his parts, tiny components that go into an orthodontic appliance.

Skilled Labor Shortage Solved With Technology

The problem facing this casting shop is that the artisans who create patterns used to model and create cast-iron parts aren't available in the numbers that they once were, and as skilled workers retire, there aren't enough replacements to staff the ...

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