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Eco-friendly Cleaning Agent Derived from Vegetable Extracts

Nature Boost from Walter Surface Technologies is an eco-friendly additive for heavy-duty industrial cleaning that is derived from vegetable extracts obtained from a by-product generated in the vegetable processing industry.

9-Stage Cleaning/Drying System Suited to Customer Requirements

Layton Technologies has developed an eight-stage cleaning line with a ninth drying stage to replace a customer’s aqueous cleaning and drying system.

Cellular Parts Washer Enables Customizable Table Programming

Cleaning Technologies Group’s Ransohoff division offers a new-generation Lean-Jet RT-18 robotically tended cellular parts washer.

Robotic System Applies Cleaners, Primers to Substrates

Nordson Corp.’s Felt Tip/Flow Brush Primer Dispensing System is designed to robotically apply solvents, cleaners and primers to a variety of substrates, delivering consistent film builds and reducing primer waste.

Solvent Cleaning System Handles Large Volumes

The EcoCCore solvent-based part cleaning system from Dürr Ecoclean features two flood tanks, heat recovery and full-flow plus bypass filtration capabilities.

Bio-based Cleaner is Alternative to Hazardous Solvents

Formulated as a safe replacement for trichloroethyelene (TCE), perchloroethyelene (PERC) and petroleum-based solvents, Petroferm’s Bioact 280 is a bio-based immersion cleaner for quickly dissolving masking waxes, fixturing and buffing compound...

Wet-Blast Machines Eliminate Surface Impregnation

Rosler’s KS series of wet blast machines are designed to provide uniform media flow and improved finish control.

Wet-Blasting Process for New Markets

The Sabre wet-blasting system from Vapormatt has been developed in response to customer demand to serve three new user groups: small- to medium-volume manufacturers, coating centers and R&D facilities.

Roller Conveyor Handles Large Components

Rosler’s RRB roller conveyor shot blast system is designed for descaling, rust and paint removal, and general cleaning applications.

Waterjet Offers 3D Motion for High-Flow Tank Cleaning

The Torrent 200, a 3D waterjet head from NLB Corp., combines high flow with high horsepower to increase the efficiency of tank, tote and reactor cleaning.

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