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Parts Washers Come Basket-Style or Conveyorized in Line

Available from German Machine Tools of America (GMTA), Rosink’s parts washer line comprises a variety of machine styles for degreasing, cleaning, phosphating, corrosion control coating application and paint stripping.

Cleaning Unit’s Dual-Cartridge Filter Captures Contaminants

Omegasonics offers its largest ultrasonic cleaning unit, the OMG4430, with a bath size of 40" × 30" × 30" for cleaning injection molds and other large, oily or dirty parts.

Product Line Lubricates, Cleans, Protects

Oelheld’s LubTool line includes products for lubricating, cleaning and protecting parts from corrosion.

Parts Washer Automates Part Rotation

The Lean-Jet RT-18 parts washer from Ransohoff, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group, features a cellular design and an improved drive system for flexibility.

Wet-Blast Machines Eliminate Surface Impregnation

Rosler’s KS series of wet blast machines are designed to provide uniform media flow and improved finish control.

Wet-Blasting Process for New Markets

The Sabre wet-blasting system from Vapormatt has been developed in response to customer demand to serve three new user groups: small- to medium-volume manufacturers, coating centers and R&D facilities.

Roller Conveyor Handles Large Components

Rosler’s RRB roller conveyor shot blast system is designed for descaling, rust and paint removal, and general cleaning applications.

Ionized Air System Removes Static

Paxton Products, an ITW company, offers its ionized air system as a cost-efficient alternative to ionized compressed air and water-rinsing systems where static removal is needed.

Custom Washers for Liquid and Powder Finishing

Pneu-Mech offers custom washers for surface preparation solutions that are designed for the customer’s production, finishing and footprint requirements.

Slurry Blasting System Features Rotary Wheel

Proceco’s slurry blasting (or wet blasting) parts cleaning system uses a rotary wheel to discharge a mixture of hot cleaning solution and abrasive media at high velocity to clean and mechanically remove oxides, scale, carbon deposits, oils and greas...

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