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Digital Hydrometer Monitors Liquid Media Concentrations

Achieving precise and consistent results in passivation or cleaning processes requires that slurry or media concentrations in the liquid be maintained at specific levels.

Process Cleaners with Non-caustic pHs Clean, Protect in One Step

Cimcool Fluid Technology’s Producto line of process cleaners includes five newer products with non-caustic pHs that are designed to clean and protect in one step.

Surfactant Wetting Agent Boosts Processing Speeds

The Triton HW-1000 surfactant wetting agent from Dow Chemical Co. is formulated to meet low- and no-VOC regulatory requirements while also addressing industry requirements for faster processing.

Solvent Cleaner Suited for Electronics Defluxing, Other Uses

Designed to operate in open-top and vacuum vapor degreasers, Petroferm’s Lenium ES solvent cleaner is well-suited for electronics defluxing applications and removing solder fluxes, pastes and ionic residues from circuit assemblies.

Alkaline Solution Cleans, Protects Steel Parts

MetalNox M6319CP from Kyzen is a heavy-duty, low-foam, aqueous alkaline cleaner designed to remove a range of machining and stamping oils from metal parts, including steel and copper alloys, and to provide rust protection.

Cleaners Produce Cleaner, Brighter Metal Parts

The E-Kleen SR family of cleaners from EPi includes soak, acid and electro cleaners formulated to remove carbon smut and metalworking fluids from a variety of metal surfaces, resulting in cleaner, brighter parts and improved adhesion.

Ionized Air System Removes Static

Paxton Products, an ITW company, offers its ionized air system as a cost-efficient alternative to ionized compressed air and water-rinsing systems where static removal is needed.

Aqueous Cleaning System Designed for Turbine Blades

The BladeWash aqueous parts washer from MecWash Systems is designed for cleaning internal cooling channels in turbine blades, as well as other parts with internal bores and complex geometries.

Chamber Washer Uses Agitation to Degrease Parts

Dürr Ecoclean’s airless/airtight Universal 81C parts washer uses fluid agitation in a rotating injection flood wash chamber to degrease parts, and then the degreased parts exit completely dry without the need for supplemental air blowing.

Organic Solvent Strips Resins

VersaFlex’s Dzolv solvent/stripper is designed to break down and strip away uncured polyurea, polyurethane, epoxies and polyester resins from spray gun and equipment parts.

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