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Ultrasonic Technology Takes Tool Cutter Beyond the Same Old Grind

Failure to remove oils and dirt from tooling prior to batch coating leads to contamination of an entire vessel of coating materials, but a new agitation pre-cleaner is helping this shop remove more of the oils and dirt while significantly shortening...

Greener and Cleaner: One Company's Environmental Win

Eliminating chlorinated and other degreasing solvents for metal parts cleaning continues to command attention for environmental and worker safety reasons.

Parts Cleaning on Display in Germany

It wasn’t so much the 15-percent increase in attendance at the parts2clean technical conference and trade show in Stuttgart, Germany, that excited the 250+ vendors on display, but rather the level of the attendees.

Aqueous System Helps Clean Up the Process

With the right cleaning system, this company was able to reduce failure rate and rework costs while refining its production process.

Ultrafiltration Reduces Costs and Environmental Impact

Manufacturing companies are always looking for ways to streamline production and reduce material usage on the front end. It is also important that they consider effective methods for handling metal and fluid byproducts.

Europe Provides Cleaning Preview

The 10th edition of Stuttgart’s parts2clean show provided a close look at what lies ahead for the U.S. cleaning market.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning System Reduces Costs

In addition to helping meet cleanliness specifications, Dürr Ecoclean’s Compact 80C parts washer has reduced energy, waste removal and labor costs at this precision parts manufacturer.

Automation, Parts Cleaning and Coolant Filtration in One System

As bids came in for new systems for plant automation, parts cleaning and deburring, as well as centralized coolant filtration systems for the company's engine block and head production line, Cummins found that Dürr Ecoclean could handle all three ta...

Tight Specs for Parts Cleaning

Any time a part is machined, the oil or grease from the machining process as well as the chips present from the grinding process need to be removed before further part production takes place.

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