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RAMTIC System Still Ticking

When it first appeared in the early 1990s, RAMTIC (Renishaw’s Automated Milling, Turning and Inspection Center) pioneered the use of portable carrousels for palletized workpieces and the use of artifacts, or master components, by which a machine too...

No Wires, No Worries

A wireless network can operate safely and effectively in a hostile shop floor environment, as the experience of this welding and machining company shows. Interference from other sources of radio waves can be avoided by installing suitable data acces...

An Indexable Insert

The solid end mill is a machine shop staple. Its positive cutting edge removes metal by slicing through the material, rather than by scraping.

CNC Upgrades Breathe New Life Into Brownies

Used in lean manufacturing processes, multis can suffer from long setup times. Upgraded Brownies often compete very favorably with multis on medium-length runs.

Globally Integrated Machining

To serve global customers, this company manufactures plastic injection molds on a global basis. It does this not by outsourcing to overseas shops but rather by partnering with the right ones. The key is consistency from mold to mold, continent to co...

High Speed Machining, Italian Style

One of the highlights of BI-MU, Italy's recent biennial machine tool show, was the number of innovative machine tools (and related technology) focusing on high speed machining.

System Simplifies Probing Operations On VMCs

Few machinists will dispute the merits of probing for speeding part setup, setting tool offsets and performing in-process inspection . . . at least in theory. In practice, however, probe systems often have been viewed as difficult to use and expensi...

Stringer Solution

To reduce cost while improving quality and reproducibility, Airbus UK decided to implement a fully automated process able to machine a stringer complete. The existing production facility was stripped to its steel framework and adapted for the new pr...

New Borders For Swiss-Type Turning

The traditional niche may be too narrow. This shop uses sliding-headstock lathes for jobs that wouldn't normally be run on this type of machine.

DNC With A Direction

A small shopfloor network lays the groundwork for large-scale, low-cost DNC throughout a major manufacturing facility.

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