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New Borders For Swiss-Type Turning

The traditional niche may be too narrow. This shop uses sliding-headstock lathes for jobs that wouldn't normally be run on this type of machine.

Stringer Solution

To reduce cost while improving quality and reproducibility, Airbus UK decided to implement a fully automated process able to machine a stringer complete. The existing production facility was stripped to its steel framework and adapted for the new pr...

DNC With A Direction

A small shopfloor network lays the groundwork for large-scale, low-cost DNC throughout a major manufacturing facility.

Controlling The Cyber Shop

In recent years, technological trends have taken the form of multi-process machines with sophisticated monitoring and control systems. The ultimate purpose of marrying advanced hardware and software is to achieve a fully automated and more reliable ...

Curve Interpolation For Less

When the CNC executes the program faster, a higher feed rate becomes possible. Precisely this benefit has compelled many mold makers in particular to inquire about NURBS.

Linear Motors On Multis

A primary objective for multi-spindle screw machines, or any metalcutting machine tool, is to accurately and rapidly deliver a cutting tool to a workpiece while precisely controlling its cutting action.

CNC Technology For Mold Applications

Accessible control features play an expanding role in mold machining.

Mold Machining In Motion

This shop's strategy for limiting lead time on large molds affects the choice of machine tool. It also affects who does the programming.

Overriding The Skills Shortage

With experienced operators in short supply, this shop developed a software solution to compensate.

Latest Acramatic Control Is Born From Acquisition

Built on a single-processor Pentium III foundation, this control is suitable for a range of machine tools including two-axis lathes and five-axis machining centers.

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Siemens Answers with the Most Innovative CNC Solutions for Machine Tool Technology