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Laser Calibration Analyzes Accuracy Of The Entire Machine Tool

As customers require higher accuracy and compliance with quality initiatives, such as ISO 9000, TQM and predictive maintenance, machine tool accuracy checks have become more important for job shops.

Machining Services Contractor Runs Smoother Operation With CNC Program

See how his contractor switched to MultiDNC to eliminate the use of laptops and provide daily backup of all CNC programs.

Laser Calibration System Verifies Linear And Circular CNC Accuracy

How do you document that your CNC machine tool is within tolerance? That's becoming a very familiar question as more and more companies implement quality assurance programs, such as ISO 9000, TQM and predictive maintenance.

Faster Milling of EDM Electrodes With Retrofit CNC Package

This precision moldmaker working out of his garage wanted to compete with bigger shops that had Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment. This led him to consider retrofitting his manual Kent milling machine with a CNC retrofit package. And he did...

Communicating With The Machine Tool

If you continue to operate a bankrupt company in the same manner, you will continue to be bankrupt. This was the primary thought of Steve Brown before he acquired a failed stretch forming company in Gardena, California. Mr. Brown was President of Ca...

Company Navigates Its Way To More Efficient Shop Floor

Until recently, punched paper tape was still being used to transfer part programs into the machine tool controls. However, the company's manufacturing processes have undergone a metamorphosis that has saved the company time as well as money.

DNC System Serves As A Stepping Stone Towards ISO 9000 Certification

Until recently, CNC programs were downloaded with one of two traveling laptop computers, which was insufficient and laden with problems. Mr. Brundage knew that the process of storing and locating nearly 10,000 programs on diskettes was a nightmarish...

Ontario Manufacturer Is Driving For Success

Engineers at EXCO were working on a die cast die used to produce the three-liter front wheel drive transmission case for Ford. Similar to work they done before, but this time, they wanted to go straight to steel. 'This was the first job they used co...

Automating Milling Machines Expands List Of Machinable Projects

Find out what this manufacturer chose when they decided to automate their milling machines.

Drive Train Facility Moves From Punched Tape To DNC

This Rockwell plant measures 200,000 square feet, employs a staff of 460 and is primarily involved in the production of drive shafts for semi-trucks. As the product line evolved, so did their manufacturing methods.

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