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Savings from Sustainability

A project aimed at energy-efficient machining delivered production efficiencies, too.

A Guide to Insert Coating Processes and Materials

Few materials have had a greater impact on our economy and industrialized culture than cemented tungsten carbide.

Grinding on a Swiss

This shop owner has developed a unique, and effective, approach to delivering a burr-free, tight-tolerance part.

Honing Products Produce Quality Finishes

Controlled-Force honing and the Flex-Hone tool.

Flexible, Quick-Change Tool Adapter System

Before the development of live tooling, there were turning centers and machining centers. Processing parts with multiple operations that included turning and milling required moving the workpieces from one machine tool to another.

Tapping Oil Field Parts

Emuge’s Rekord DZBF taps promote the uninterrupted flow of chips out of the cutting zone to protect oil field components during hole-threading operations.

Thread Whirling Basics

The rapidly increasing demand for high-value threaded parts with exceptionally high length-to-diameter ratios has created a lot of interest in thread whirling technology among American shops and manufacturers.

Medical Shop Increases Tool Life with Hex Broaching

A manufacturer of spinal implants and surgical instruments achieves immediate results in a switch from rotary broaching to hex broaching.

Breaking Through to Stable Large-Hole Drilling

A new drilling head from Seco Tools offers three points of contact to provide stability in applications involving deep, large-diameter through-holes.

Plateau Honing Improves Finish and Lubrication Control

Plateau honing is a process that improves cylinder wall surface finish by removing tiny peaks of torn or folded material and increasing bearing area.

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Drilling, routing, milling, reaming.
AMAMCO Tool engineers custom tooling for your most critical applications.
ERIX tool saves up to 90% of the manufacturing time on back spotfacing and chamfering operations.